2022/23 Abdoulaye Doucouré

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Aside from the penalty I thought he was decent but he seems to do this every year starting off, good for the first 5 games and then falls off massively. Think at the very least he’ll be a good option off the bench which is something the midfield will need.

Good squad player but shouldn’t and hopefully won’t be starting too much.
Hopefully the incoming players give him a kick up the backside because he hasn't been good enough for a long time now. Stupid penalty to give away.

Him Keane Godfrey how many players have we got that make these brain dead mistakes all the time and undo whatever good work theyv done all game , it’s like playing with a team full of Titus Brambles

Played really well today.

Granted, it was poor decision making for the pen that’s cost us.

He does however have an important part to play in the team/squad for the season.

Chin up lad, Villa away next your time to shine.

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