A question to the most of the fans; Do you really think bringing a new manager would solve our problems?

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Don't think the current manager is getting the best out of the team/squad we have. This alone is a reason to consider a new manager.
I agree. I actually think he should be given until the end of the season and then evaluate because we can’t be seen as a circus that changes managers so quickly without giving people time.
But, there is no doubt that he isn’t doing his job very well at the moment. This group of players isn’t anywhere near as bad as some are making out on here, and he should be getting far far more out of them than he currently is.

The fact he isn’t even close to doing that at present is a big concern. Give him the remaining league fixtures and if things don’t dramatically change, then unfortunately it’ll have to be yet another managerial change.


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Stupid money for average players, huge pay outs to terrible managers, and allegedly building a new stadium. Add a Russian oligarch into the mix, and the dots start to join up. Does anybody watch Ozarks?

We don’t need a new manager, we need Jason Bateman.

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There’s something fundamentally wrong when we keep conceding from crosses, easily! Every team knows our weakness, the manager can’t address it.......... it’s frustrating!

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If I had the power would get rid tonight. There are massive issues with virtually every part of the team and the way we play....and most of that is down to him...the right manager is out there we just havent foumd them yet
4-2-3-1 we've been playing that formation since Martínez, and to compound things that Zonal marking that Silva uses you need look no further than those two issues. At the moment Zonal is more to blame, nothing wrong with Zonal if its done properly, but the way we are doing it makes a wide free or a corner look as dangerous as a penalty, with the CBs we have we should be one of the most solid teams in the world at defending set plays, instead we look completely lost.


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The confidence has gone since that Derby game. But if I'm Silva, i'm taking 2 days out next week, and making the team go out and enjoy themselves... WHATEVER they do, however stupid, let them have fun, let them connect.

Cause when confidence is so low, they need more than a "gritty" win against Bournemouth to lift spirits.
I hope the two days out arnt Monday and Tuesday.

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Like with most times managers are replaced, there'd probably be a period of a couple weeks of temporary improvements but as for the long-term I highly doubt it.

I hated today. With a passion. Everything was far below minimum. That said, the season is already over. Sacking him now won't put us back in the cup. I think, its gonna be bad but let him see it out.
The season is far from over we are only on 30 points in a spell of horrible form and low confidence and of the 7 home games we have we have to play Liverpool, City, Arsenal, Chelsea and United teams we always struggle to get anything from, and as we all can see we are hopeless away from home, that was our first team out against Millwall and we were humiliated, seasons not over yet not by a long shot.

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I don’t think changing the manager will solve anything. There is something radically wrong in that dressing room and has been since the Martinez era. Too many cowards and bottlers amongst this squad and no leaders, it seems when we sign players we drain the confidence out of them within a few weeks.

Our problems go far deeper than the coach, there is a malignancy in or around that dressing room and it needs to be rooted out.


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No way he gets to Christmas if we plod on at this rate

My previous forecast was October/November.

I now think he will be gone when the season ends because there is no way I can see us getting any better over the closing months of the season.
Starting to think this way myself. This season plus the first 8 games of next season was the way I was thinking initially but he is skating on thin ice at the moment and does not inspire confidence that he can change things around or adapt the team.

A big worry but who knows, if he turns it around then maybe it's a necessary evil to have a struggle at the start when you're trying to develop a new team and style of play. Hard to stay positive about Silva at the moment.

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As I said in the other thread, its Steve Walsh's fault. He gutted the team and made some terrible signings. They got rid of him.

Brands/Silva signings have been good/decent. Richarlison, Digne, Gomes, Zouma, Bernard. They only overpaid for Richarlison. I suspect Marco will be given at least till the end of the season, if not till the end of 2019 after one more transfer window. Getting another 4 to 5 players in, he'll be able to have a team that's fully his.
And if it's still not working at the end of 2019 with HIS team? Sacked then and the next manager needs time to build a team that's his, 11 new players please.


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We can't just keep sacking managers, at some point we need to gain sone stability, on and off the pitch. The first thing Silva needs to address to give himself a chance is to give up his impression of a 3rd season Martinez, pull his head out of his backside and start showing a different approach, because we are currently so easy to predict.

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I thought Silva was a good choice to start with but it appears he is not prepared to change his belief or systems when things go wrong. The best coaches would and have done that.
We have some quality players who are not performing to the best of their ability,again that is down to the manager not coaching them to perform at their best.
I would also ask what Brands is doing in order to get the best out of Silva.


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Yeah great idea , let the team of passionless , overpaid , underperforming knobs go out and enjoy them selves as a reward for that shower against a team that USB in very real danger of being relagated from the championship
Well, yesterday was poor. You’ve got to look at the bigger picture. As a person who has staff, i know how important morale is. We can’t coast for the next couple of games til we have our inevitable trip to Dubai in Feb.

Get the team to have fun off the field, take the pressure off them, and they’ll usually go about it differently.
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