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Homepage Update: A farewell to arms

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by catcherintherye, May 16, 2018.

  1. catcherintherye

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    A farewell to arms

    The news that Sam Allardyce has been relieved of his duty from Everton has been met with a sigh of relief as big as any I can remember from Evertonians at any moment of me watching them. I wasn’t quite old enough to remember Walker but I can think of no manager after him who has shared such universal acrimony amongst the fan base. Evertonian’s are getting a tough response in the media for this. Some weeks ago sections of the mainstream media including disgracefully The S*n newspaper chose to have a pop at Everton and it’s fan base for a lack of gratitude towards Sam Allardyce. If the information had been leaked to them (and it is worth bearing in mind the S*n journalist and Allardyce’s close relationship, with Custis ghost writing for home in the past) it would be symbolic of the complete inability Allardyce would have in grasping the value set of football supporters on Merseyside.

    In spite of this, I wish Sam Allardyce well going forward and am thankful for him in the job he has done. While there have been some attempts in the media to overplay his achievement what cannot be doubted is he steadied a ship if not demonstrated his ability to turn it around. That his supporters in the media seem keen to claim a victory achieved by David Unsworth in a match Allardyce was only formally appointed after shows as much how little he has achieved in his tenure this season. Deep down he knows his record beyond crude statistics doesn’t stand up to scrutiny but the fact Everton jumped from 17th to 13th in the game before he arrived makes a noticeable difference when judging his end of season finish 8th. What it points to is a Premier League division that is incredibly congested between positions 7th-20th and then between 1st to 5th. For Everton who are keen to move qualitatively from a side in the bottom 14 into being one of the top 6 they need to substantially improve performance, which Allardyce has not demonstrated within his spell. With a points average of 1.41 since his arrival (working out at 54 points across a season) you are seeing a points that return that may give Everton a reasonable league finish but fail in the objective to shift the profile of the club.


    None of this means that Allardyce has done a poor job, nor is it a comment on the style of play outlined by him. Even though Everton had started the season with a fiendishly difficult start (playing 7 of the best 8 teams in the league in our opening 12 fixtures) the defeat to Southampton was a particular low ebb. Most of us would have happily signed off on Premier League survival, and I have yet to meet a fan who wouldn’t have taken an 8th place finish irrespective of the important caveats mentioned above. However in analyzing Allardyce, it is possible to hold the view that he has done a very good job in the firefighter role he was brought in to complete, acknowledge that if we competently spend the sort of funds we have over the last 2 years that job shouldn’t be required again, and maintain that Allardyce has shown little in his wider career or indeed his short spell at Everton he is capable of doing the different job he is will be asked to do.

    Alongside the news about a change in the board, we are beginning to see changes that can hopefully move the club towards the objective the fans have and we hope Moshiri holds. An appointment of a dynamic young coach, and a competent Director of Football would be a great starting point in moving forward in that direction. It is this more than any abstract discussions around style that underpin why Allardyce had to go and the ambition of the club must be underlined to those within the wider media who are doubting the actions of the board and the demands of the fans.


    What it ultimately boils down too, is a predominately southern based media do not view Everton Football Club as a viable candidate to break into the top 6 and the instability it may cause in doing so is resented by the media establishment. Everton’s board can only have themselves to blame in this, the appointment of Sam Allardyce cemented this and allowed for commentators to lump us in with West Ham, Newcastle, and worse still Sunderland, Crystal Palace, Bolton & Blackburn. That they did not take the opportunity to announce he would be leaving his role once safety was achieved was a major mistake, as it quashed any notion that Allardyce was a temporary caretaker manager in the eyes of the media and allowed for them to start pitching him as a long term successor. When dealing with the media types it is essential that fans remember we have an ambition to win trophies, and the football league once again, irrespective of their viewpoint and it is their ignorance of the history of the game that prevents them from viewing this as a natural place for Everton.

    We remain the 4th most successful side in the country in terms of trophies won, are the only founding member of both the Premier League and Football League still playing in the premiership and have wracked up more seasons in the top flight than any other. The list of records and achievements we hold remains enviable and what Allardyce represents, the ability to finish on 49 points and consider it a positive season flies in the face of the historical role Everton Football Club have had.
  2. Toffeelover

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    Not in the last 20 years.
  3. madkiwi

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  4. Sentinel

    Sentinel Player Valuation: £1m

    We've been going since 1878 and our recent decline is well documented. But it's a blink in the eye. It's easy to forget our history, when you've grown up on famine. The OP makes an important point. For whatever reasons Allardyce got appointed but continuity wasn't one of them. The club said as much today.

    Continuity and tradition is what makes this club. It gives it a foundation that few others can claim. The standards that are riveted into the clubs psyche, run through the supporter base. It's as much as a burden as it is a rallying point.

    We simply can't abandon those virtues because they currently appear irrelevant or insignificant. We have to hold by a code, something that unites us all as Evertonians. And in turn we expect that the present governors of the club honour that too.

    The club got it right today and for that they should be applauded.
  5. deipnosophist

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    I wouldn't go so far as to applaud the Board for this decision, however it does merit a nod of acknowledgement. But given the parlous quality of the majority of their decisions, it'll take quite a few more such nods before I'd consider anything as effusive as applause.
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  6. Sentinel

    Sentinel Player Valuation: £1m

    Give a dog a bone mate. If we don't give them any encouragement they'll piss all over the rug.
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  7. deipnosophist

    deipnosophist Player Valuation: £70m

    The Everton Board...incompetent and incontinent lol
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    JAYMULL Player Valuation: £950k

    I agree we should applaud the board and hope that they have now an appreciation of where never to steer us again. Mosh said when Koeman was sacked that phase1 hasn't worked out, he's now on phase1-revisited and must sincerely attempt to deliver a long term plan. Mosh and Co have to communicate to all Evertonians that this plan will take time. The new manager and DOF must aim predominately for a team of youth who challenge in the Cups as well as well as the EPL. Lets get the likes Lookman and Dowell back and see if we can develop the youth and become a side worth watching. I am lucky enough remember in 83/84 when we seemingly went from the worst team in the division playing utter dross to Champions who would have challenged Europe's finest given the opportunity. The side we ended up with in 84/85 was a result of playing the same youngsters (with a few old heads) week in week out. I can happen again.
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  9. cooperman

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    Harder these days though... the kids get their heads turned at any opportunity by agents/ media etc.
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  10. Seathestars

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    This for me. I remember that turn around too. It happened almost overnight.
    Right now we have some dross but we have talent too and I like to believe that with a plan, everyone singing from the same hymn sheet, youth, experience and pace we could turn it around now. I’m not saying we can win the prem soon, but I don’t think we’re too far from top 4, not as far as it seems anyway.
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  11. newton-stewart-blues

    newton-stewart-blues Player Valuation: £500k

    Very well said indeed.
  12. Saint Domingo

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    Neither are Spurs or Liverpool, doesn’t stop them being ambitious.
  13. bluesb1970

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    It doesn’t matter who comes in, in whatever position, it’s culture change that is required. Hopefully that started yesterday, on the day of the long knives!!
  14. davek

    davek Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    The cull has to extend into the dressing room.

    If Brands retains the likes of Baines, Jagielka, Williams, Schneiderlin etc then the whole structure is built on sand. If he or the new manager coming in avoid making those crucial decisions nothing has changed.
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  15. Eggs

    Eggs Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    ..I imagine any new manager will be promised spend. If it is Silva, he and Brands should have a strong insight into the current squad. Saying that, it’s not always easy to move players out who are on big money contracts. Ironically, it was something Koeman was reasonably good at.

    Baines won’t move but he might be superseded. Jagielka is the type who will want games and the club will probably release him if effective replacements come in. Williams might be a target for a promoted team, it’s difficult to see him being involved again.

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