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    Get big Vic back

    Terrorised ?hardly,suarez and sturridge terrorised us
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    Liverpool v Everton. 28th Jan at 20.00.

    No tackles ,no fight ,no passion,**** off!!
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    Liverpool v Everton. 28th Jan at 20.00.

    Gettin ur wallet ouy kenwright!!
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    sky/bts march fixtures

    Fellainis goal,
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    sky/bts march fixtures

    Last season when we did utd 1 nil was a monday night
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    Silly Season January 2014

    Dam thats my idea out then
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    Silly Season January 2014

    Nationality even
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    Silly Season January 2014

    Wot nationaloty is oscar cardozo?
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    Heitinga hints at Everton exit

    Has he been milking it or is it bobs fault for not picking him?nothing has been said about any poor attitude in training etc
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    Silly Season January 2014

    Fookin fone, im sure u knw wot I was tryin to say haha
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    Silly Season January 2014

    Surely the excuse will be then will behis targets have had a good world cup so prices have been too inflated
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    Getting to lime street station

    Can walk it in 40 mibs bt have to be brisk
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    Best Bald/Skinhead Everton Player in History?

    Ian wilson,legend
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    Misc. Transfer Rumour Thread

    can you hear the drums fernandooooooooooo? its a rich mans world ,too much abba?
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    The summer 2013 Everton transfer rumourZ thread

    wheres moyes replacement thread,wanna see if pereiras still on !
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