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  • Oh, havent really thought about it mate, didnt even realise untill you said. I looked yesterday and it wasnt far off, but I must have chatted some shiite today.

    Dont really know what to do now.
    I actually thought it was alright. If I'm honest, I can't differentiate between the two in my memory.

    Tried to play Persona a bit today. Spent about half an hour going up the floors in the Castle to do the King Whatever boss, went quite well, got him down to bout 1/3, then he decides he can just use RAMPAGE or whatever the **** and insta everyone. So I turned it off.
    You remember in FFX there's that bit in the flower garden where you have to whistle for Tidus (X-2 actually isn't it ffs). I went for a piss at that bit and left Yuna standing in the flowers doing nothing. So I didn't get the good ending. Multiple endings generally just make me want to cry. And FFX is sad enough anyway :(

    Oh well, hes gone now it would seem, just have to try and avoid him in the future, hes a strange 1.

    Off to bed, later lerd.
    Nah mate, I've done that thing where you don't have to time to play it for a while and then get can't be arsed to get back into the story. That and I have to physically set up my ps2 every time I want to play it, which is just effort. Are there any branching points that you absolutely have to do right to get the good ending? Don't ruin it for me obviously, I'm not that far into it.
    I dont feel we crossed any lines. As we said at the start, he did seem to pick at us first. I think the worst thing we did was destroy a few threads. For that im sorry.

    He cant have been serious anyway, theres no way at all. It was somebody on a windup or something. I hope it was, thats the way I was playing it anyway, surely he cant have been real?
    Its a strange 1. I checked his post history, nothing strange, but tonight, its as if he hasnt taken his tablets or something. I do feel a bit sorry for him, something must be loose in his head.

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