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  • Yo Monty, just checking in hope everything is well you've not been on in ages.
    Sorry mate couldnt make today. its been hectic (2 bereavements since last thurs nite)
    hope you all had a good time .
    see you soon
    Err Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing one it's just I wouldn't know where to start like... Spot the ball and that kind of stuff?
    I won't know until Monday afternoon Monts, ive got to go the Royal to see if i can have radio - iodine treatment, but i'll let you know as soon as poss
    Oh btw monts, if you want for your next quiz I could do some picture distorted faces and that.

    Up2 you if your struggling for questions...give us a PM if you want some and who you want them of...or even PM me the link of the pictures you want distorting.
    thanks for the mention in the title. :D

    Ermmm, whatever you want to do is fine by me, I might give it a go depends if I can be bothered. I quite like trying to work out which answers are correct and which aren't I was convinced that the Warhol answer was correct in the last quiz and it turns out it wasn't.

    Might even do a big 5,000,000 V-bee's one if loads of people take to this one.
    Nice article mate, Wouldn't bet against Clattenburg being named the referee for the anfield derby aswell. lol

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