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  • Sorry to hear that Jim. I be putting a special prayer up for you for your family and your health. You have quite a balancing act going on and I know the inlaws mean well but it puts pressure on you to referee everything. Stay positive thats all we can do in times like these. Take good care of yourself and you and your family will be in our families thoughts this week. Good luck.
    That fiasco brought me to tears. We had them all running in circles. Definite good times from our troop.

    On a serious note I hope your better half gets good news this week. I took mine for a colonoscopy this past Friday fortunately she was cleared for a few years for another one, she had cancerous pollups five years ago.
    Glad your back lad. Missed the old guard mixing it up a bit. I have been worrying over our boys in blue this season with all our injuries and what not. I hope a silver lining is around the corner. Take care Jim and I'll check out your posts.
    Stick with it bud. Life throws many obstacles in our way, but some good luck is on it's way to you. I can feel it. Cya tomorrow.
    Good to be chatting again Jim. Missed the old banter. Not been on the forum as much this week mainly due to having to pay some bills after being off the road, but hope to have a good gab with you soon m8. Knackered at the mo, and up early so won't be on long tonight.
    Parachute jump.. went really well - he raised £500 for the Foundation.

    Thanks for your very kind contribution too.

    When he sorts out a you-tube link I'll post it

    Hope you are well - we've moved over to Greasby in July and have settled down,

    Life is still crap lads, wife goes in next month to have a grapefruit sized tumour removed, never did like grapefruits, tbh its worrying the crap out of me
    Monty lad come on back. it's just not the same without your words of wisdom. Tell me were your hanging out these days and we will touch base a bit.
    Sorry to hear that mate, i think the site is a better place when you are around and i know your views and thoughts are respected by almost everyone. think we also behave a bit better with you around.

    Even if your not going on site, keep in touch. Beer soon?
    Hi Jim

    just checking up on you. havnt read anything from you for a while (im fed up with all transfer rumours aswell)

    Hope your health is ok

    see you soon


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