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    Seventh Place

    7th is on. [Poor language removed] draw against Wolves last game of season securing us 7th spot & handing City the league.
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    Match Thread Everton v Crystal Palace - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Free spare for today in Park end. I'm in Blach horse on county road now. Inbox me il send my number in a private message. Cant have empty seats
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    Free spare today in Park end. Im in Black horse now if any takers. Inbox me an il privately send number. Cant have empty seats
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    transfer prices

    Safe as houses...keep on throwing money Everton ST prices frozen again, so who cares
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    New Stadium Discussion

    The anxiety of a new stadium is killing me. The competitive edge within me is already flapping about getting a good seat, at a good height pretty central behind the goal is driving me crazy. :-( Selfish, but Im happy where I am and hope the whole thing falls apart :-)
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    Evertons rise or Englands demise?

    To be fair I'd put Stones as a fringe player, the other three I would say would be first names on the teamsheet. But granted 4 players then rather than 3.
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    Evertons rise or Englands demise?

    Honest question - three Everton players realistically England starters when all fully fit. Would this reflect our current team and form in the league, or would it indicate more to the lack of English players availabe for the national manager to select from?
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    Season Tickets 2015/16

    Already renewed, hope there is a few good seats let go....this could be the perfect opportunity to find the perfect seat for me & my lad. now we are pretty much safe from relegation, I would be happy to see a drab ending to the season
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    New contract for Martinez

    With the knee jerk reactions of the recent defeats and the need to start a poll after each defeat regarding Roberto's job, surely now is the time for another knee jerk reaction after one consecutive victory to begin a petition for an improved contract offer to secure his services at our club for...
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    Getting hold of previous matchday programmes

    Hi all, is anyone aware of how I can get hold of the match day programme for the recent QPR game please any help would be appreciated. I'm Collecting all the home game programmes for my littLe one for his first full season as ST holder, but missed picking one up this due to rushing because it...
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    Robles out even after last night's performance?

    Average keeper, but if he don't improve his penalty taking then he should be out of the door....
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    Newcastle v Everton. 28th Dec at 16.15.

    This is how RM will make or break his time at Everton, has he got the ability to accept his philosophy is not working and make changes. I would of loved this forum to of existed mid 90s, Judging by some of the reactions of recent results on here.
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    Newcastle v Everton. 28th Dec at 16.15.

    Last 5 games rubbish, but the quality is there. Just need to show more grit & composure in the final third. Defo 3 teams worse than us this season.
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    Newcastle v Everton. 28th Dec at 16.15.

    And did she?
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    Newcastle v Everton. 28th Dec at 16.15.

    No way will this team go down, absolutely no way
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