Evertons rise or Englands demise?

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Honest question - three Everton players realistically England starters when all fully fit.
Would this reflect our current team and form in the league, or would it indicate more to the lack of English players availabe for the national manager to select from?

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To be fair I'd put Stones as a fringe player, the other three I would say would be first names on the teamsheet. But granted 4 players then rather than 3.


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Marks how good our players are i think. Considering it was cockney cole at left back and he was displaced and he saw his arse, shows how good baines is in the country.

Barkley and stones are young which is predominanlty what the new england set up is thank god.

Jags, club captain and first choice international, better than shawcross and the like who don't get considered.

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I don't think Ross gets in the starting 11 Baines and jags definitely, jags showed last night he is the main cb done smallings work and Jones work,


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It's not just England though... we have may more first team international footballers than we did as recently as 5 years ago.

At the beginning of the 2009-10 season, we had 12 first team players that had been capped at senior international level... at the start of this season we had 20 by my count.


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Think it's also related to the lack of English players in the top clubs. Chelsea and City mostly look overseas for their starters. Utd seem to be going that route as well. Arsenal has always been such.

Liverpool have their English players in the team. So it falls to Tottenham and us to make up the numbers.

Gone are the days of the 'top' clubs having a significant starting English contingent.


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I'm irish but even though this is about about the poorest england i've ever seen, its still far stronger than ours, we're still wheeling out robbie keane FFS
If England and Ireland are reliant for a third of their team coming from Everton they're not far off each other.

Both can field teams of PL players and as far as I'm concerned there's only Rooney you could pick out of the lot of them as approaching world class. England probably have the edge in terms of quality of player and the pace they can shift into.
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