Sam Allardyce has sought to explain why new £27m signing Cenk Tosun has not been included in his starting eleven for the games with Leicester City and Arsenal this week.

Allardyce: “He’s had service to him that he’s not held up and he’s found it a bit of a struggle at this level because of the pace and the physicality of the game

“So his service hasn’t been too bad but his hold up play hasn’t been like it was at Besiktas so that’s why he’s not starting the games at the minute because he’s finding it tough going like every player does, particularly when they come in January.

“I said we wanted goals, he scored goals in the Champions League and with Besiktas but may not hit the ground running for us. He hasn’t done that yet, I’m sure he will do eventually.

“I’m more concerned about the other players than I am about Cenk. I’m more likely to feed him slowly and give him a bit more time over the next few weeks and hopefully by the end of the season he starts games.”

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Bizarre signing if you are going to mishandle him in this way. The fact that Sandro, Klassen and Lookman are all wanted by top clubs shows its our system and management ruining these players not just the fact that some of them are illsuited to the Prem.


To be honest, I thought when Tosun has played, he's done alright, especially considering it's his first games ever in the EPL.

Samuel A Lard

think he just handed in his notice there, what a complete shambles of an attempt at an explanation.

I have no idea what style of football we think we are playing – home or away. We change personnel so often because the last game usually ended in a defeat it’s become a matter of letting fate decide on the day. Sometimes it’s three at the back, or is it five, not sure. Do we have three up top or is it one with deep lying runners? I think we normally have two deep midfielders who don’t win much and offer little going forward and we mix and match who plays wide whether they are there to go forward… Read more »

Is this fat rat just going purposely out of his way to alienate players? And oh I forgot about Oumars absolutely amazing hold up play in his place. I am made up with Niasse if he doesn't fall over the ball or trip over his own legs. Do one Sam you absolutely cancerous wart on the anus of society.

I think it must be a deliberate ploy to make a mess then say he is the best one to fix it. The man is a con merchant and we are his latest mark……….