Roberto Martinez has urged Everton’s board and supporters to judge him on his three seasons at the club, rather than the last three months.

Martinez: “It shouldn’t be scrutiny of the last three months but instead the last three seasons. It’s a scrutiny of the squad we have put together and scrutiny of how we play against the top teams.”


“The message is we are all hurting together. I understand their passion and they make us what we are as a club. Football without passion makes no sense.

“But I’d say to those fans only when you get through those difficult experiences and moments do you get a renewed drive to fight.”

Asked about the prospect of a board meeting being called to discuss his future, Martinez said: “I understand it completely. I never felt being Everton manager is a manager to be judged in an average position.

“I encourage huge expectations. As a club, we have to drive for silverware and top four and when you aren’t there the scrutiny needs to be there”.

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