Voice in the Crowd

Hi folks, after a mid-season winter break (like you’re all going to have to get used to for the 2022 World Cup), we’re back with me wandering around and asking random blues random questions. Today, I spoke to lifelong blue Joan McKenna;

How do you see this season panning out?

Well, I hope we’ll turn the league form around but at the moment I’d be happy with staying up. As for Europe, we seem to be a different team. The Premier League Everton would get tonked by the Europa League Everton. I find that to be extraordinarily weird.

I agree completely. What do you make of the European campaign so far?

I actually think we can win it. I hope we do because it’s the only way we’ll be in Europe next season now surely. I disagree with those who say that we’ll go out as soon as we come up against a decent side. We’ve already had Wolfsburg and beat them twice convincingly, and Young Boys Bern are a good side too. Martinez seems to have the knack of playing in Europe.

Yes he does. While we’re on the subject of the manager, what’s your thoughts on him?

I think he’s ok. He had a good season last year, and we have actually had a hell of a lot of injuries this year. Distin being less than his usual self, and the apparently disruptive influence of Samuel Eto’o haven’t helped. Let’s see how he fares for the time being, barring the unthinkable looming, of course.

Finally, who’s been your player of the season so far?

John Stones. Such a young lad, who has deserved his chance and will do very well, hopefully with us.

There we go, and we’ll see you next time for some views from blues.

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