Besic’s charitable donation

After the tragic floods that hit Bosnia-Herzegovina recently, many issues such as sports fell to the kerb as people struggled to survive and reclaim at least a few of their belongings.

The sport federation in charge of organising the Bosnian homeless teams trip to the World Cup in Chile were not sure they would be able to raise the funds needed in time and that’s were Besic comes in.

Muhamed donated 5,000 euros to solve their problem and make it possible for them to compete in the tournament but it isn’t the first charitable act from the youngster, he became a sponsor for another Bosnian charity last year.

And whilst in his short career, he’s enjoyed a great deal of success; Besic is not the type of person to brag. Instead he keeps his head down, feet firmly on the ground and stays humble as he himself has stated in numerous interviews.

Talking about his own life in a recent interview with the Bosnian press Besic stated: “I have my father, my mother, my brother and my girlfriend. That’s where my circle closes. Friends? I don’t really have them or need them. My private life is my sanctuary.”

Speaking about football, the midfielder admitted that he hates losing: “When I lose a match, I close myself up in the house for two days or so.” When asked if he had any life principles he responded, “Man dreams, God decides.”

In the same interview, Besic also said that he hates the night-life, clubs, cigarettes or drinking, none of that attracts him.

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