Pip Doing His Duty

Phil Neville has again admitted that he hopes to convince LA Galaxy forward Landon Donovan to again return to Everton, after two succesful loan spells.

Neville told Sports Illustrated: “If there is a chance, I make sure that I try (to tempt him to Everton) every time I speak to him. That´s the first thing I say to him.

“Toward the end of his spell back in January I even tried to kidnap him for a while and keep him in England! I´m telling the truth here when I say the last two times he´s been over he´s totally transformed our season.

“He´s the ultimate professional, he´s got great quality, and the Everton fans love him. He´s a hero at Goodison Park, and he´s played less than 20 games for us. I´ve played with some world-class right-sided players in my time, and he´s up there with them.´´

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