Yes, we won a title this season

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The rain, it raineth every day
We are the 'dirtiest' away team in the League. Now, have a guess, go on, have a go at who was the 'cleanest', prepare to be not stunned.
Considering the ineffable nature of our weak and feeble team, I have to say I'm shocked, shocked to my very core at the laughable notion that anybody tackled an opponent at all this season, never mind dirtily.


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Are we dirty or just bad at tackling?
I put it down to sheer laziness, ie players not being arsed in actually tackling so just hanging a foot out or doing something similarly stupid. I know both Gomes and Davies are guilty of that on a regular basis.


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We have some players who commit stupid fouls in bad spots, unrelated to efforts to win the ball or defend aggressively. Just hacking a guy for the hell of it.

even Digne


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It's merely a symptom of our poor midfield losing control of the game and then players have to make more challenges which are punishable. Hopefully under Carlo this aspect will be lessened greatly as the midfield improves (I hope so anyway).

Also I'm not going to mention some of the unequal applications of cards and fouls throughout the league to different clubs apart from saying we've never really managed game officials effectively. We need to be more astute throughout a lot of aspects.


Player Valuation: £8m
But in other news, look at the PL leader-board for fouls per 90 minutes:

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 2.27.14 AM.png

Before you @ me, I know this is useless. It's here for amusement.
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