2018/19 Yerry Mina

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Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £70m
I don't get what the problem with him is.

Is it because he's not the reincarnation of Maldini or something?
It’s because he’s our player which automatically makes him worse than the top 6 player we have on loan because the media said so and the negative woe merchants love the idea of us falling apart when Zouma goes back to Chelsea as a stick to bash the club with. Zouma is utter garbage and had his level at Stoke.


Player Valuation: £10m
Class on Sunday, especially when you consider the strength and experience of some of the opposition players. He isn't the finished article and it's silly to expect that at this point given he's only started about a dozen games in a top level league. I think he does show a lot of promise, he seems quite disciplined in his positioning, has the height to win pretty much any aerial duel and (especially on Sunday) he looked more composed than he's been given credit for. I think he'll be getting a run in the team now and hopefully he keeps it up.

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