Transfer Rumour Wilifred Zaha - January Transfer Thread


Player Valuation: £5m
I mean, they might not, you can't blast my opinion saying I'm using assumptions then use assumptions yourself.

My assumptions are based on public knowledge certain players are for sale, your assumptions are based on nothing as no figures have been mentioned yet.

Again don't mean that to sound as "blasting" as it does, just see what happens with him

Don't think we will sign him either anyway tbh


Player Valuation: £1m
We needed to bring experience into the team... we have done that. I don't think we can continue to sign players who are at their peak , we need now to start looking at the longer term.
Zaha is a good player and certainly he would improve us as so many players would.
However, we cannot afford to buy every player that would improve us and more than anything we need somebody on the right hand side of the pitch.

Lozano fits the bill perfectly, young, plays on the right hand side, is known to CA and from what I saw of him against City , a real handful.
I don't know if we are trying to spend more money, I don't know if Napoli want to sell now and he seems to be getting into their team but I would be seriously hopeful for the season if we were to sign him.
Not sure about that one. Zaha is a proven EPL player and Lozano is not. Atleast we know Zaha can hit the ground running and he’s got something to prove.

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