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Noisy noise annoys

Player Valuation: £50m
I have no idea how it will work out but after a lot of thought I am for Rooney. Both Saha and Arteta are in support of him.
For me, he is the biggest risk of all. Managing a load of kids at a club in turmoil is very different to managing a load of internationals in the prem, admittedly at another club in turmoil


Player Valuation: £80m
Let's be honest though, Martinez, Koeman and Silva all deserved to be sacked for one reason or another

In Martinez and Silva's case they were both given longer than perhaps they would have got elsewhere. Quite a few managers would have been given their marching orders after Martinez's second season, whilst Silva had a pretty notable dip in his first season but was allowed to briefly turn it around before things reached the point of no return in season 2

The issue is less the sackings and more the fact we keep hiring the wrong managers

Most of the managers have been sacked for valid reasons

Problem lies or at least in major part about ego we are hiring or more important when.

Martinez a manager who made his reputation on keeping a team up on nothing we decide to hire when he just got relegated, Koeman was a manager who the season before had had an alarming collapse in results (one that'd see him sacked at nearly any other club), Silva we wanted when his stick was high, git him after he was sacked after a terrible season with Watford, bfs - kneejerk hiring about relegation worries, Carlo when his best days where probably 10+ in the rear view mirror and Rafael when his last three jobs or more had been at best failures Newcastle went down with him, he even flopped in bloody China.

Not one of the past six could be considered on the upward when we hired them.

Almost like we're hiring purely on past reputation regardless of the present reality.

Baines' left foot

Player Valuation: £90m
If it’s one of Rooney or Lampard then I’ll be satisfied as at least we’ll be looking to the future as opposed to a manager whose best years have been and gone.

I’m quite intrigued by Lampard. The job he did at Chelsea was underrated and he brought a lot of young players through to the first team. Something that Chelsea hadn’t done for years.

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