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Who would you want as your main striker ?

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by AndyC, May 19, 2017.


Which striker do you sign...

  1. Diego Costa

    13 vote(s)
  2. Harry Kane

    82 vote(s)
  3. Philippe Coutinho

    0 vote(s)
  4. Sergio Aguero

    57 vote(s)
  5. Alexis Sanchez

    28 vote(s)
  6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    11 vote(s)
  7. Romelu Lukaku

    34 vote(s)
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  1. AndyC

     AndyC Moderator Staff Member

    Prompted by a suggestion in the 'Blowing the Golden Boot' thread...

    Imagine you are the manager of a club and you have £100 million available and you can sign one of the current top seven goalscorers in the Premiership.

    Forget negotiations, salaries etc etc, this is a straight forward poll, which of these strikers would you sign... and why?
  2. Bungle

    Bungle Player Valuation: £70m

    Kane for me, but Zlatan above all of those if he was a bit younger.
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  3. riddick

    riddick Player Valuation: £70m

    Is fitness also a 'forget about it'? Because Aguero is the best striker by far when fit.
  4. ArtetaMoney

    ArtetaMoney Player Valuation: £20m

    Sergio Aguero cos he's proper boss like.
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  5. Nymzee

    Nymzee Player Valuation: £70m

    Aguero it it's just for one season or Zlatan if we have to play to our current system.
  6. Barnfred 55

    Barnfred 55 Player Valuation: £50m

    Although I think Kane is the better all round player at the moment I've gone for Rom as I think he still has the capacity to improve and, over time, could turn into the better player. I'd take both of those over Aguero due to age.
  7. DualityNSNO

    DualityNSNO How much for the pair?

  8. hibbo'sclass

    hibbo'sclass I am the Michaelangelo of misanthropy Forum Supporter

    Gone for Lukaku. Knows himself that he's not the finished article with regard to hold up play which can be his Achilles heel.
    Think Kane is currently better, but less room for improvement.
  9. SpongeBob brown shoes

    SpongeBob brown shoes Player Valuation: £10m

    I was tempted to say Kane but then remembered that cringey hand shake thing he did with Deli Ali and thought better of it

    Zlats the man but I went for Rom because I think he will get better every year
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  10. tommye

    tommye Get Big Sam In Ffs!!!! Banned Forum Supporter

    Where's the Arthur Scargill option?
  11. Muggins

    Muggins Player Valuation: £70m


    Give him cuddles and he'll be a hero.
  12. PickeringBlue

    PickeringBlue Player Valuation: £750k

    Went for Kane only because Zlatan is old. Zlatan in a winner in a way few others are. Sanchez seems a winner as well...too bad he plays for the specialist at failure.
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  13. Billy Dean

    Billy Dean Player Valuation: £50m

    If all at their peak - Zlatan.
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  14. msb

    msb Player Valuation: £1.5m Forum Supporter

    They are not all at their peak. Lukaku for me. If not, then Kane
  15. Eggs

    Eggs Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    ...it's who Koeman wants that matters. I wouldn't see Countinho as a striker, Dolberg is interesting.
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