What if....

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Player Valuation: £70m
What if:

Kevin Brock had not made that famous back pass.

Howard was fired.

And the club looked to Aberdeen for his replacement.


Recently I have been reading the book "What If" by R.M.Skillen (a kopite, incidentally) and quite a few of his stories centre on or involve Everton. He has several theories as to what would have happened if....

1. Flo had signed for Everton

- Everton signed Tore andre flo in March 1997, Everton end the season on a high.
- Everton sign Juninho from Boro in July 1997
- Everton play boss footy throughout 1997/98 and finish third with a league double over the redshyte with Dunc and TAF up front
- Peter Johnson receives a £35 million offer for Dunc, Juninho and TAF from Real Madrid
- The lot of them go to Real madrid, Joe Royle resigns and Walter Smith takes over with only a couple of mil to spend
- The trio prove irreplaceable and Everton are relegated in 1998/99, spending the next few years in the wilderness.

2. Andy Gray had taken over at Everton

- Everton get off to a terrible start in 1997/98
- Everton sign Nii Lamptey and Matthew Upson
- Everton are in the relegation zone in January 1998
- Gray signs Cantona as a player/coach
- Results improve and Everton finish mid table
- Everton gradually grow into a lethal team and eventually win the Premier League title

3. Everton had signed Muller in August 1994

- Everton get off to a flyer and top the table in early 1994/95
- Muller becomes a mercenary, demanding a pay rise with every goal
- Mike Walker wants to sign Duncan Ferguson, but Muller threatens to walk if Dunc gets signed
- Big Dunc subsequently signs for Liverpool and makes them boss
- Muller goes AWOL to a club in Brazil in March 1995, while still in contract and Everton plummet to finish mid table
- Everton go 10 games winless at the start of 1995/96 and Mike Walker is sacked, making way for Joe Royle....

So... how credible are these tales? Have any other "alternate histories" to bring forward? For instance what if we'd signed Kyle Naughton instead of Spurs??? Maybe Liverpool would have signed Coleman or something (gasp) doesn't bear thinking about!...

Someone should tell the kopite to put the crack pipe down


What if Revie hadn't threatened to resign when Leeds had agreed to sell Bremner to Everton for 15K
What if Catterick didn't think players were finished at 30 and held on to Collins, who, in 1967 remember, only stopped playing and playing damn well coz the italians broke his leg
What if Tony Kay didn't put a bet on

Result a pre holy trinity, holy trinity

That wrecks my head that.

I was finished at 25.
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