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I'll keep it out of the Mirallas performance thread though, as it isn't just specifically about him, but the left hand side of the pitch in general.

I do see the logic of playing Kone there. The idea is that his centre forward instincts mean he will drift inside and link with Lukaku in and around the box. The two problems with this of course, is that firstly, that doesn't happen very often, and secondly it leaves a gaping hole in front of the left back. A big problem when that is the inexperienced and exposed Galloway.
I'm not even going to slate Kone, as he's doing no worse there than the equally out of position Ross and Naismith when they were shoe horned out there last season.

I see the logic of playing Cleverley on the left. He's a hard working, tidy footballer, who might chip in with the odd goal. It reminds me of the days of playing Osman on the right though. He's never going to go past a full back and get in behind the defence, or give the opposition much to think about.
This just puts extra strain on Geri, when we are almost totally reliant on creating from his side of the pitch. Now if Geri is having a bad hair day, or up against a strong full back, he's likely to flounce around and be ineffectual, leaving us totally impotent.

Which leads me to Mirallas. Now some people say he's been poor this season, but what do they honestly expect from a winger who is given 4 or 5 minutes every other game?
When we started with Mirallas and Lennon against Newcastle, it was the most balanced we have looked in ages. We caused them problems all over the pitch, and in the opening half hour when they were fresh, it was possibly the best spell of football we've played in a long while.

Surely, now is the time to have Mirallas and Geri playing either side of Rom? I think this would give teams so many things to think about that even Ross will benefit greatly.

Come on Roberto, take the shackles off. Unleash hell.
If Mirallas managed to develop a footballing brain in his time with us, he would start much more. Even Deulo at a younger age is already learning when to play back or put his foot on the ball until the right move is on. Mirallas is all instinct and very direct and unfortunately he misses out as we generally need to have somebody linking in that front 3.

Doesnt change the fact Kone was very bad yesterday though or that the others dont really work. A couple of people have been mentioning Lennon there but a Spurs mate told me he almost never played on the left for them.

The answer is a signing, same as it was last summer and for me same as was needed when Martinez first took over. The mystical long sought after Pienaar replacement.

Verbal Kint

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It will never be Mirallas and Del together, both too attacking. Mirallas Cleverly Kone for left Del or Lennon got the right hand side.

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