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Siggy off at long bloody last. We'll snatch a point with some pace out wide and DCL actually getting on the end of things in the box - Siggy's job when at 10 but he's utterly useless at it, no pace and poor at finding space.
and which one of our attackers are performing better the last months? no one, they are all doing badly. and its because of one mans tactic, Silva. It is just silly to blame this on ricarhlison, glyfi, walcott, dcl bernard, lookman, tosun etc..
Watch us nick a point now he's off. Slow, awful at finding space, rarely gets a shot off, woeful set pieces, constantly giving the ball away. Drop - we were much better without him midweek and otherwise he's been a constant in a woeful season.


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Well, looking on the bright side, you'd survive in the Premier League last season with a total of 33 points and goal difference of -27, so considering we're on 33 points already, surely we don't need to scrape too many more to be safe.


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Jagielka red, ball moved forward GOAL

Leicester gifted goal after clear foul, Morgan no red for scything Richo down

Two questionable penalty calls at Old Trafford, no red for Young

Chelsea kick us off park, Rudiger tries to get Bernard red carded but fails

Millwall antics from ref Taylor

Fernandinho and Laporte Wednesday

Questionable goal today from non corner
This is some proper alternative table stuff.
Got to be on borrowed time Silva if we lose this. Watford are absolutely awful and we have got well nothing at all. You cannot just keep getting beaten every single game no matter how much you want to give the Manager time. Something has to give and a 17 day break has got to be a tempter for change. I mean what is there to lose by making a change. Lose every game? Already doing that with bells on.
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