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Player Valuation: £8m
Can’t even be bothered to get wound up but the players failing to complete passes is their own stupid fault

Don’t care who your manager is if you can’t even do the basics


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Well well well all the beauts who wanted city to beat us. Said relegation was still possible for us. Cardiff winning and they play us next at theirs. Gap narrowing all the time. We don't seem to have anything. Be afraid. Millwall again next year

Norwegian Cow

Player Valuation: £50m
Lots of hatred brewing of Gylfi, understandably so. A goal every 4 and an occasional assist for our record signing is a woeful return and he's getting worse. Looked far better without him midweek, some of our play actually going through the centre. He's the most indulged player in our system yet rarely offers a good outlet when needed. And his free kicks are awful. One of the biggest flops in Premiership history.
and which one of our attackers are performing better the last months? no one, they are all doing badly. and its because of one mans tactic, Silva. It is just silly to blame this on ricarhlison, glyfi, walcott, dcl bernard, lookman, tosun etc..
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