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Trevor Steven

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by summerisle, Sep 12, 2017.

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  1. formerly manx toffee

    formerly manx toffee Player Valuation: £70m

    Not underrated in these parts surely
  2. Groucho

     Groucho Moderator Staff Member

    Decisions eh?

    We do have Lennon like. That's not a slight, just point of fact.
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  3. duncs pigeon

    duncs pigeon Player Valuation: £8m

    Was watching you tube vid of that hame a few weeks ago and I picked up on that comment. What could have been.
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  4. probably our best No. 7

    certainly wasn't underrated on Merseyside, in glasgow or Marseille.
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  5. roy vernon

    roy vernon Player Valuation: £2.5m

    Moggsy was the most complete winger I have seen, Shankley almost resigned over Liverpools board selling him to us. As you say he was a very tough customer as well, in Jack Charlton's auto biography, he admits that there were only two names in his "little black book", Hutchinson of Chelsea and Morrissey of Everton. Moggsy broke big Jack's ankle and then stood over him and said, " are you ok big,man?"

    A truly under rated player, just 1 token England cap in the twilight of his career, don't even Remember if it was full England or a football league 11, for posters old enough to remember them.
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  6. Bruce Wayne

     Bruce Wayne Moderator Staff Member

    Steven and Sheedy must have been an absolute delight for strikers to play with.
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  7. DrEFC

    DrEFC Player Valuation: £35m

    I remember him being a favourite of mine as a child (after big Nev) although I was less than 8 years old. What pace/crossing/shot he had!
  8. Brendan Janus

    Brendan Janus Worst WUM ever ?

    Don't think he was underated, Everton legend, & a very good international footballer !!
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  9. bluestevon

    bluestevon Player Valuation: £70m

    Steven in particular was way ahead of his time IMO, amazing timing in arriving in the box.
  10. banno

    banno Player Valuation: £40m

    Just glided across the pitch with ease. I have 3 memorable goals of his with the first 2 being of importance.......Spurs away when he rounded clemence, the Bayern Munich one which caused the best arms and limbs ever seen at Goodison and the Sunderland one when Bracewells world class pass produced a world class finish.
  11. bluestevon

    bluestevon Player Valuation: £70m

    Given that the team would have gone on almost certainly to add at least a couple more titles and been favourites to have won a European cup as well, then going into the formation of the premier league the entire landscape of footy and the club would have been changed dramatically.

    Almost impossible to imagine Johnson and thus kenwright would have happened, similarly the profile of the club would have been at a peak just as the league went global.

    Club should have sued the rs for the financial consequences that lead from their actions.
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  12. Yarrgh

    Yarrgh Player Valuation: £15m

    Tricky and Gary Stevens. What a right hand side. That team would have been good in any era of football.

    Physically capable of looking after themselves, skillful, strong mentally and they worked as a team. The last time 'Nil satis nisi optimum' really applied.

    Trevor Steven is always slick with sweat in my recollection, with his eyes squinting and his front teeth showing from under his scowling top lip. A player prepared to win, and wouldn't accept being part of an under performing team as per our current form.
  13. StreetEndBlue

    StreetEndBlue Player Valuation: £750k

    I recall when I used to buy Shoot magazine as a teenager, Jimmy Greaves in the letters page questioned his ability and what "he's ever done in his career to justify big moves and big wages".

    It had me fuming and Tricky Trev was just starting his second spell at Rangers by then.

    Created goals. Scored goals. Tracked back and helped his right back and just glided past players. Put quality balls into the box and was very good in the air (remember his belting header against Southampton in the 6-1 win in 86). Absolute class player, huge loss for us when he went and a genuine Blues legend.

    I did think though he underperformed in the FA Cup finals of 85, 86 and 89 though.
  14. gianthogweed

    gianthogweed Player Valuation: £8m

    Trev was technically excellent he could also take a kicking and give it back infact that whole team in the 80's was a mix of guile and steel
    his head did get turned the last couple of seasons of his everton career that fan running on the pitch giving him abuse was the end of it
  15. Jamo Martinez

    Jamo Martinez Player Valuation: £70m

    One of my all time favourite players.

    Not underrated on Merseyside (even rs mates of a certain vintage rated him).

    However, in true England fashion, in a world where Sammy Lee has more caps than Kendall, Harvey, Morrisey and Dobson combined*, It's no surprise to know that He's not mentioned much by the mainstream media when talking about past legends.

    *Let that sink in for a second
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