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Player Valuation: £40m
Been on livescore for about 20 mins


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Player Valuation: £35m
I get why pundits feel that way, and I tend to agree but then I look and for the 1st time in our life time(since Kendell)we have a Truly world class manager who been there and done that. A manager who has just signed us 2 players(James and Allan) who would come no where near us, wouldn’t even answer the phone.
A manager who seen our weakest point and reinforced it with not 1 but 3 1st choice players.
Im not sure our business is done, if we can get rid of some of the deadwood and most importantly change the mentality of the entire club, I think we are in for a very very good season. Also it’s about time we got some luck with injuries
I agree; I think the likes of Iceland, Walcot and the like have been treading water. Now the expectation has been raised, the spirit has been lifted, and they know if they don't concentrate for 90 plus minutes (I'm speaking to you Pickers) they are out of here. The defence has been given a lift knowing they don't have defend the entire match because of the porous midfield, and the strikers are thinking I can be THE MAIN MAN this season and score 20+ goals this season because THIS midfield will actually pass the ball forward.

Maybe I'm just being silly but my optimism levels have been raised.

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