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Welcome back to Project refarce part 2.

Hopefully at some point the fans will be allowed back, but as for now, this will be behind closed doors.

We face Joses Spurs in this All or nothing clash!

Total guesswork for this 11, so don't blame me when nobody signs.

Goats 11 to start :

Coleman - Keane - Mina - Digne
Allan(subject to JINX) - Delph
Hamez(subject to JINX)
DCL - Rico


Player Valuation: £225k
Weirdly, I can see us doing better with the players Carlo has been working with for a while than signings coming in a bit late. I think (hope, massively hope) the end of last season was a combination of nothing to play for and not being quite fit. What's the saying? Hope springs eternal.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
Where to play Gomes. I would have thought further forward but I understand him being the playmaker from the back. Not sure

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