Match Thread Tottenham Hotspur v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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*Sips Coffee*
Defense played well, Allan stood out as expected coming with the dominator role, Doucoure was fantastic, Gomes played his role, James has a lovely left and looked liked he’s been in the prem for years, Richy started slow but boy does he look great, DCL continues with the head and my MOTM goes to Pickford. The lad was commanding, made lovely saves, and dished the ball out well. UTFT


All I ask is an empty road.
That one match makes up for all of last season, almost. It was actually pleasing 9n the eye, footbakl his it should be played, fast with deft touches and flicks to our OWN players. Solid at the back and dangerous going forward. James was absolutely class. First player ive seen play for us since the 80s that I'd put into our mid 80s team. Let's hope he can do more.

If Richie weren't so rusty we could've won by 3.


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A bit early to say it but its almost like we have had a passion transplant. Like a differant team altogether. Hunger and desire is back. New lads are class

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