This season vs Martinez 13/14 season


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What ones been better so far ? Anyone know how many points we had after 17 games ? I’m guessing we are closer to first than we were in 13/14.

I think we've got more points currently but a couple of things

We were playing some decent togger under Martinez at that point
There were fans in the ground so every time I look back on any of those games the world just looks a better place compared to watching games in empty stadiums now and the backdrop to what's going on.

Still, let's hope we keep winning and smash that magical 72 Bobby barrier!

Martin Alvito

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Which one has been better so far ? Anyone know how many points we had after 17 games ? I’m guessing we are closer to first than we were in 13/14.


Well, we're about on pace through 17. We won 21 and drew 9 in 13/14, and were just shy of four points from averaging two per game. On 32 from 17, we're right on course for 71/72. We seem to be winning a bit more and drawing less.

We also got dusted; 14 points out of first, and ten out of third. The league leaders are only on pace for 80.5 at the moment.

Honestly, my recollection is that we played better footy overall in 13/14, but never like we did in the first four league games of the season. We played better defense overall statistically, and scored at about the same rate. I also seem to recall that our injury luck that season was excellent, unlike this season.


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There were a lot of clutch free kicks and wonder goals in that 13-14 season that helped pad the points tally... the kind of thing that is never sustainable.

This year they’re getting wins through good execution (especially set pieces), defensive work rate, and that little bit of quality from players like James. It’s not as pretty but it’s more durable I think.


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A lot of players had their best seasons for Everton in that season. Coleman and Baines flying up the wing were great, I think I’d make them slight favourites on paper if we played them this weekend, but we will see by the end of the season. 07-09 we had a good side too.


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That was a great season, we deserved Champions League more than that season when we actually finished 4th.

It was either that season or the season after where we bossed Arsenal for 75 mins and were 2-0 up only for it to be a draw. It was around then we were literally playing some teams off the park. Sure alot of the time we were just playing keepings off, but at least we weren't parking the bus every game like we did for 10 years straight under Moyes.

Then Martinez insisted on playing his way and lost the players, because he insisted on playing two attacking full backs and got destroyed every game and wouldn't change. Just because Barca can do it doesn't mean every other team can.

Same thing with Carlo this season, that's why he's a quality manager, he saw and fixed the SAME issue with 4CB, its a makeshift solution until we get a better one. Carlo is the best.


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I think the key difference is we’ve been winning games in different ways this season and Ancelotti has set us up different when it’s been called for.

From memory, there was only really the Arsenal game in which Martinez made any changes to how we approached the game. This stubbornness to adapt eventually became his downfall when teams figured out how to play against us.

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