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You can pick your own seat at most aways now, so someone could organise a certain block for the more vocal fans to go and then they are all together


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Fantastic to see so many applauding the players when the second goal went in and hearing Everton chants around the stadium at the same time. It shows that the fans will back the team as long as the effort is there on the pitch. I think in a weird way it could be a turning point in our season as it will give the players confidence. Fingers crossed anyway!


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Great win last night, the crowd certainly got behind us and the team fed off the energy, was at a couple of games last December when this thread started and the atmosphere was awful, but so was the team. Wish I was back over there now, were playing some great footy. Hope it carries on for next season. COYB !!!!


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I don't know if the atmophere being better helps the players or not but it certainly makes for a much more fun experience from my perspective as a fan at the match. The silance at Goodison has been painful at times over the last couple of years but we looked to of finally turned a corner. I know the players have to make more of an effort but we as fans have to play our part too. The best part of this season for me is that I feel like I've got my Goodison back and going the match has actually felt like a fun enjoyable experience again in the last few weeks.:)
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