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Because the Park End never sings

The Gwladys had spurts tonight where they sung, but the Park End didn't join in

The only way to get the whole ground going is for the Park End to be up when the Gwladys is. It's the only way you'll get the Bullens and Main Stand to feel comfortable joining in

If it's just the Gwladys, it's easier to ignore

There's of course other reasons as well, but that's the main one


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It´s Watford at home... You´d be hard pushed to find any team creating much atmosphere for this game.

In an ideal world it´d be great to see Goodison rocking for every single game. Honestly, I can´t remember the last time it was but a lot of it is probably down to us playing for relatively very little in recent years. Win or lose tonight it doesn´t really make a difference because we roughly know where we´ll be at the end of the season.
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