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It's boss the way so many people who're watching on tv or the internet get so angry at that the people who have actually put their hand in their pockets and go the game because we aren't singing enough. I really do have to rember next match to sing all game and only occasionally stop to demand that everyone joins in so that the people watching at home will have a better viewing experience........
I put my hand in my pocket and go the game and I get angry at them.


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May I suggest GOT grab hold of some sponsorship and come up with a song contest open to public voting with the top 3 winner earning themselves some reward?

It’s about time we hear and sing something new! Drums are welcome!


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I put my hand in my pocket and go the game and I get angry at them.
Then you don't fit Into the catogry I was describing.......

I've said loads on here that the atmosphere is crap and nobody wishes more them me that it was better. I hate sitting it total silence every home game.

I'm just fed up of the people who don't go whingeing about those of us who do. I want the atmosphere to be better because it would make going the match a better experience like it used to be. I just have a hard time caring what people who watch on tv think about it.


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But I thought the outcome of matches had nothing to do with the crowd?
I wonder what research in sports psychology has to say about all this stuff.

I do think fan reactions can indirectly influence outcomes to an extent. Not a huge effect, but in the right circumstances in a nail biter I think we can get into players heads.

Rico Toffee

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Consider that many of those watching on TV would give their right arm to be in the position to go to games regularly (or at all) but can't. People wanting the crowd at Goodison to be louder don't want it because it somehow appeases their egos. They want the crowd to be up because of the way in which it can positively impact the players. There's a reason why the term "home field advantage" is a thing. We should start by assuming that people watching Everton on TV care about the club and want us to succeed more than they care about a "viewing experience".


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I'm not sure how we're supposed to cultivate a decent atmosphere given the absolute dearth of success for 30 years Unless you want to falsify it (Palace anyone?) Bournemouth on Sunday had a couple of decent sparks thanks to the ref. Expecting to generate a 'bear pit' for 90 minutes against nothing sides in nothing games is nuts. Also, comparing a home crowd to an away crowd isn't productive. It's easy to get involved if you've been on the ale since 10am. That said, we could certainly do with less moaning. Fat lads screaming down a bad touch from Seamus is the new black.

Big Neville Southall

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Re the arguments over the players. Footy isn't always about running around like mad it's about positioning and decision making, when to movew hen to stay. So you can't always judge that someone isn't putting a shift in. Decision making making can be affected depending on your confidence. and your outlook. Nervousness can creep in, doubts, and I'm sure psychology plays a part in that, and the crowd can influence that. Dave Hickson once said hearing the crowd sing his name made him feel 10 foot tall.

I get all this they get paid millions, but then so do the opposition, so that is cancelled out, and we want our pampered millionaires to beat their pampered millions.


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If we can generalise these things, I believe the Everton crowd is largely reactive in nature.

I'm old and lucky enough to have witnessed the glory periods of Catterick and Kendall.

During these periods we played fast, attractive, and effective football from the off, this got the crowd buzzing, and happy times all around.

These days most of us go the game demoralised before the game kick's off.

Really sad, but I, and many others, expect very little these days, zero passion on the pitch, mirrored by the crowd I now fear.
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