The board and weaponised branding?

Is the club weaponising branding against the fans?

  • Yes, the board do not care about our history and are weaponising branding against the fans

    Votes: 8 7.3%
  • Yes, but it's not deliberate it's just incompetence

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Maybe, but nothing stands still

    Votes: 9 8.3%
  • No, the badge has always evolved

    Votes: 31 28.4%
  • No, I like the new badge and the club's bold commitment to change

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • I think the badge should be changed to cheese on toast

    Votes: 21 19.3%

  • Total voters

Looks sound that ;)


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As someone mentioned earlier I think the tower symbol is more likely to be used for street wear or casual clothing, t shirts, shirts etc. I’d rather have that, more subtle and an alternative to other designer brands.
For the kit it needs to be the full badge - no reason not to really.
well, personally I think it's bad design.
Pains me to say it but FSG got it right with the RS.
Their crest had
a shield,
the name,
shankley gates,
the liver bird,
the hillsboro flames.
a ribbon with dates.
They appeased the fans by keeping this as the official crest but going far more minimalist on the shirts.

we have
a shield,
a tower,
our name,
a date,
a banner,
a latin motto.
That should be the club crest, stick it on letter heads and the side of the stadium but put something minimalist and instantly recognizable on the kits.


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When the kit first leaked I dismissed it as, I figured the club wouldn't bastardise the logo. The club was very clear regarding their motivations for the crest rebrand a few years back. Changing it on the kit flies in the face of that. Outside the North West, very few people will know that third kit is Everton.

I think people are overthinking it though, I think it's as simple as going for novelty to try and sell a few more of the third kit. The club would never dream of removing the logo on the home or away kit...

I hope you are correct, I agree that for foreign fans if they see a yellow kit with on it they will think “Watford” not Everton.

For me that Version of the tower is not enough on its own, if it had more detail to it, or had the laurel wreaths, I think it could look good.


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I think the board would love to kill off NSNO and the laurel wreaths if they could, also reference to the school of science. They symbolise Everton’s commitment to success which is a constant reminder of this board’s failings. Instead they seem obsessed with bigging up our history of firsts, being the people’s club, and the tower on anything they can.
I smell poop


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I like it.

It's a simplified design just like the liverbird on the neighbours kit or the cockerel on Spurs. Both did away with fussy badges.

To be honest I've never cared for that current badge.


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Once again the club have released a kit design which has tampered with the famous club badge.

In recent years, depending on your perspective, we've either seen a steady evolution or slow erosion of the club badge.

Direction from the club could easily outline that the badge is fixed and not for redesign.

But, regardless of perspective, it's now clear that the badge is something the board do not consider sacred and perhaps that should trouble us - it's troubling many senior Everton commentators on this site and further afield.

As a result of our last badge controversy, the FA felt it necessary to introduce "club heritage protection rules" to “ put supporters at the heart of the decision-making process regarding these important club heritage matters."

Evidently, this latest redesign has not had "supporters at the heart of the decision" regardless of outcome and starts to make a mockery of the newly appointed fan advisory panel.

Are we starting to see a play out of the traditional Everton vs a 'new', 'bold' Everton (to adopt the terminology of our CEO) through the badge and an attempt to quietly erase Everton's successful past in an attempt to limit supporter expectation for the future?

In effect using branding as a weapon against the club's history.

The badge represents our expected standards, our history and identity. If deliberate changes are being made, we must ask questions of the club: why?

It’s very very important that you get yourself a bird
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