The board and weaponised branding?

Is the club weaponising branding against the fans?

  • Yes, the board do not care about our history and are weaponising branding against the fans

    Votes: 8 7.3%
  • Yes, but it's not deliberate it's just incompetence

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Maybe, but nothing stands still

    Votes: 9 8.3%
  • No, the badge has always evolved

    Votes: 31 28.4%
  • No, I like the new badge and the club's bold commitment to change

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • I think the badge should be changed to cheese on toast

    Votes: 21 19.3%

  • Total voters
Once again the club have released a kit design which has tampered with the famous club badge.

In recent years, depending on your perspective, we've either seen a steady evolution or slow erosion of the club badge.

Direction from the club could easily outline that the badge is fixed and not for redesign.

But, regardless of perspective, it's now clear that the badge is something the board do not consider sacred and perhaps that should trouble us - it's troubling many senior Everton commentators on this site and further afield.

As a result of our last badge controversy, the FA felt it necessary to introduce "club heritage protection rules" to “ put supporters at the heart of the decision-making process regarding these important club heritage matters."

Evidently, this latest redesign has not had "supporters at the heart of the decision" regardless of outcome and starts to make a mockery of the newly appointed fan advisory panel.

Are we starting to see a play out of the traditional Everton vs a 'new', 'bold' Everton (to adopt the terminology of our CEO) through the badge and an attempt to quietly erase Everton's successful past in an attempt to limit supporter expectation for the future?

In effect using branding as a weapon against the club's history.

The badge represents our expected standards, our history and identity. If deliberate changes are being made, we must ask questions of the club: why?


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Into ms paint, knock a few designs together, get your design authenticated and reserved. Wait for the designers at the club (i suspect) or the bods at the kit manufacturers to step on your toes. Where you go from there...


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I hope the Fans Advisory Board...or whatever they're called...had nowt to do with this badge fiasco.
Who ever it was - why did they even bother

Martin Alvito

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Completely not bothered myself. One badge on a third kit we'll maybe see once this season and never again.
Does anyone go with pink for the home kit at any level of the English pyramid? We would have to somehow get into Europe and play Palermo away, or am I missing something?

The logic of the OP is extremely speculative. The result looks to me like a graphic designer wanted to create something trendy they thought would sell to a specific market, which is more or less the entire purpose of a third kit. The problem with the board in recent years, as far as I am concerned, is that they want to get back to being competitive for silverware but have no idea how to do it. The current manager and DoF seem to at least have a clue, based on this window.

Thinking that the FA actually cares about the opinion of the fanbases that do not generate the most revenue seems very optimistic. These are people with a history of absolving themselves from responsibility and choosing fig leaves over resolving real problems.
We want change
They make change
We complain about change.

Over and over and over.

Also the badge has NOT been changed by the way.
Clear as day



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More arsed that we're in the trough of gambling advertising. We've sold our soul at every angle in the desperate attempt to get cash and so have stopped being Everton - and its not even worked. We have no dignity left, so what's the point of crying about branding?
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