The Big Rebuild

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Mr Happy

Player Valuation: £8m
Gilmour an interesting shout. Was awful this season. But was good for Frank at Chelsea.

I could see Chelsea offloading about a dozen guys. Do we have any interest in CHO (maybe), Loftus-Cheek (no), Mount (yes), or Pulisic (yes)
Mount ??? Get back to bed. Jesus Christ man. RLC is unlikely but more realistic. Why would Mount even consider us? Future Chelsea captain.


Player Valuation: £750k
we need imo

Centre half
Right back
Centre midfielder
Right winger
Centre forward
A creative midfielder.

A 2/3 loans possible within that, rest transfer fee’s (sell and use funds for this) and possible free agents (Eriksen, nketiah) need to be wise this window and not waste money. Someone like eriksen if we can get him would really make a massive difference.


How much for the pair?
Agree, but can't do it for a full season. Surely!
Oh nah, just when needed. It's good to have more than a Plan A basically - I'd prefer us to go to counters in games where the passing's not sticking or we're getting pushed back too much, better than the alternative of "pass it amongst the CB's for 15 min a half to have 70% possession" really.

I'd like us to be more on the ball in general, but whenever we tried it recently (early Brentford before the red card and at times during games, I remember against Leicester in the second game; WHam for big parts too!) we couldn't keep with ourselves because none of the mids available are very mobile and good at passing - Gomes, Doucoure, Fabian "The Cripple" Delph, Allan... So we'd end up shooting ourselves in the foot and Evertoning it somehow.

On the rebuild - a lot of players needed and a lot of players needed to get the F off as quick as possible. We'll see who can offload, but realistically because of FFP and all that - we should expect to use up our loans and probably get some very promising youngster from abroad/lower league and/or an experienced Prem midfielder who is in his later 20s so we know what we get. Problem with either of those is that they are gambles, but I dunno, in our DoF and Lamps we trust, I guess.


Player Valuation: £40m
Bin these guys now, they're NEVER gonna play or just not up to it anymore.

Davies * (maybe deserves a season to see if he can do a Delph role)

Tempting to do a bigger clean sweep, but Frank struggled to gel new signings at Chelsea and we're fooked on FFP.
  1. So yeah, start with the obvious dead wood, above
  2. Use youth players in the same vein as Gordon (we have got talent that's not had a lookin cos every game has been "must win")
  3. Get our finances in order.
  4. Accept where we are... We'll likely be bottom half next season given the development of other clubs (maybe Leicester and Wolves can be caught)...
  5. Rico's goals are important. Yes he's worth 50-60m, but who we gonna replace him with? What would have relegation cost us without him?
Was on a 17 game unbeaten run then came to Duncan Ferguson Everton and never recovered. The players where forced on him.
Looking at the tunnel access video looks like Richy off and Coleman retiring


Player Valuation: £40m
Posted in the transfer thread

In an ideal world we could move these on...

An enormous amount in wages + perhaps around £90mil in fees.

1: Sigurdsson out of contract
2: Kenny out of contract
3: Tosun out of contract
4: Delph out of contract
5: Lonergan out of contract
6: Van De Beek end of loan
7: El Ghazi end of loan
8: Kean Pretty much gone
9: Allan
10: Mina
11 Holgate
12: Keane
13: Gomes
14: Gbamin
15: Rondon
16: Virginia
17: Gray
Why would u get rid of gray?


Player Valuation: £40m
We can't sell everyone and we can't completely overhaul the squad in a matter of weeks. It's a process that we can make a significant beginning to though.

This is the start. There will be players still here in August and starting that at least some will be unhappy about.

We should look at this position by position and tick off each one as a potential problem solved. That will take time.

There is no point though in replacing rubbish with rubbish. We have to look at getting players in who can go on have an appearance count in the 100s and/or earn us a big profit on sale.

Let's try to do that piece by piece. There is a role for other players simply to add numbers and fill gaps but we can't be devoting any resource to that end - we have to use frees, loans, and ensure we are not handing out lucrative contracts for guys to be bench warmers and treatment room fillers. Let the quantity count be taken up by young players who have a future ahead of them.

One signing in each of the spine areas that turns out to work for us improves us quite considerably. The bigger issue is not replacing the dross, for they added little to nothing, it's rebuilding whilst possibly having to sell and replace the few players we'd like to stay.


Player Valuation: £70m
We also keep several of our worst players. Players who've helped get us into this mess, players who've for whatever reason just not been performing to the level required. Not saying that your solution is ridiculous at all, but if the option of a much bigger clearout was available to you, wiuld you take it ?
Yes. I just think it is impossible to sell them at once plus ffp.
Release: Kenny, Delph, Sigurðsson, Tosun, Lonergan

Loan return: van der Beek, El Ghazi

Sold: Kean (€31m), Virgínia (€5m)

Likely to go: Mina (Our best CB albeit injury prone, unless he signs a new contract, Tarkowski could be his replacement, for free), Gomes (Big wages, offer nothing, hope we get a couple of millions back), Gbamin (Done).

25 men squad:-

Keeper: Pickford, Begović, Crellin
Right-back: Patterson, Coleman
Left-back: Nkounkou, Mykolenko
Centre-back: Holgate, Keane, Godfrey, Branthwaite, Tarkowski (free)
CM: Allan, Doucouré, Davies, Gallagher (loan with obligation to buy, he idolised Frank by the way)
AM: Iwobi, Dele
Winger: Richarlison, Gray, Townsend, Gordon, Johnson (£20m)
Striker: Calvert-Lewin, Rondón

Young players off to the Championship or League 1 on loan to gain experience. Boardhead (24 though), Simms, Price, Dobbin, Onyango.

We keep all our best players without breaking ffp. Offer our best players extensions. Happy days.

I don’t think just Tarkowski, Gallagher and Johnson is enough.


Player Valuation: £70m
Got to be looking at frees and hungry players from the championship/other leagues like Germany/France etc.

Tarkowski, Kamara, Grillitsch, Swift, Lawrence and Nketiah are all obtainable players who’s contracts are expiring. Get a couple of them in and then spend money on the other positions which need filling; Johnson if Forest don’t come up being one I’d be after.
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