Match Thread Stoke City vs Everton 15:00 pm Saturday 17th March

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Getting this one in early as it’s a pretty big game for both teams. Stoke are absolutely going to need 3 points here as they have a horrendous run coming up, and our next two games aren’t too much better.

I’ve seen a fair amount of Stoke this season and they are dreadful, but we now have this mentality where we cannot win away from home which could make this a horrible fixture.

I expect Stoke to go for the win (they have to) which will leave them open and should be the perfect opportunity for us to finally break our duck and get a win by catching them on the break with some pace. I also expect Crouch to start.

A final question; who’s going to play in midfield for us now Sigurdsson has been sent to the shadow realm? For me I think it’s going to be a Rooney, Klaassen or Davies and Gueye mashup which on paper looks like the most static midfield on the planet. So tell me enlightened blues, what’s it going to be?
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Same team again unless Siggy is out. I would drop Davies but who else is any good? Klassen would regard football at Stoke as the pit of hell. Probably lose this 2-0 with Crouch overpowering Keane and striking terror into our keeper. They have to win this.

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