Match Thread Stoke City vs Everton 15:00 pm Saturday 17th March

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by killenefc, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. killenefc

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    Getting this one in early as it’s a pretty big game for both teams. Stoke are absolutely going to need 3 points here as they have a horrendous run coming up, and our next two games aren’t too much better.

    I’ve seen a fair amount of Stoke this season and they are dreadful, but we now have this mentality where we cannot win away from home which could make this a horrible fixture.

    I expect Stoke to go for the win (they have to) which will leave them open and should be the perfect opportunity for us to finally break our duck and get a win by catching them on the break with some pace. I also expect Crouch to start.

    A final question; who’s going to play in midfield for us now Sigurdsson has been sent to the shadow realm? For me I think it’s going to be a Rooney, Klaassen or Davies and Gueye mashup which on paper looks like the most static midfield on the planet. So tell me enlightened blues, what’s it going to be?
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  2. ToffeeTim

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  3. Connor

    Connor Doing bits, here and there.

    Has the potential to be the worst game in Premier League history.
  4. killenefc

    killenefc Player Valuation: £40m Forum Supporter

    A team that wants to attack but can’t vs a team that isn’t sure it even wants to play football.

    One for the ages
  5. everton1953

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    Same team again unless Siggy is out. I would drop Davies but who else is any good? Klassen would regard football at Stoke as the pit of hell. Probably lose this 2-0 with Crouch overpowering Keane and striking terror into our keeper. They have to win this.
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  6. Connor

    Connor Doing bits, here and there.

    1-0, Shaqiri, 90+8
  7. paulbefc

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    How is this a big game for us?
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  8. killenefc

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    From 30 yards, with his right foot, taking 4 deflections
  9. liamefc91

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    Gana in for siggy. Push davies foward a bit. 4-3-3.
  10. hayatcokgarip

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  11. jaycee

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    I can see this ending with plenty of high sixes among the Stoke fans
  12. Caolam

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    I don't like the noises Fat Sam is making about this one. Sitting back against Stoke is ridiculous,
  13. crockyblue79

    crockyblue79 Banned Banned

    If we lose this we will have lost every single away game league and cup between boxing day and the end of March,with no more aways until mid April,that will surely be a club record worst.
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  14. blue61

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    Worth a bet this. 28/1 on pp.
  15. 4737carlin

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    Back to back wins, might see Sam get a contract extension if he can pulll this off!!

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