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Everton Man of the Match

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Need to know how they have not got a yellow yet, based on the challenges we got booked for?

Zero composure in this side since we had to sub Allan - just brainless.

Making Walker peters loook like a left sided Arjen Robben.

Its the lack of desire, fight and urgency that concerns me most. Players arent up for the fight at all.
We're going down. Don't let a victory over Leeds cloud your judgement. We're utterly terrible in defence, midfield and up front. The easiest team in the division to play against. I think we'll probably finish 19th or bottom.

I feel like pickers has calmed down shouting at people.

It's like he has been domesticated by consistent [Poor language removed].

We are getting bullied physically everywhere on the pitch.

Only guy that had any physicality to him was iwobi

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