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blue to the bone

Player Valuation: £70m
Things have taken am upward turn again!
Last weekend was one of those days we as fans see far too seldom at Goodison. A raucous atmosphere, a really good positive performance, a clean sheet and even Alex iwobi and John Joe Kenny looking like capable footballers .

We needed to win that to keep the distance from the bottom 3 but we still have plenty work to do. Southampton away will be a much trickier proposition.
The team news Saturday didn't fill us with confidence but it worked because every single player worked their socks off. Special mention to Donny van der beek here who looked really really good. We might have more options again for this one with Mykolenko and Gray hopefully back.
We just want to see another aggressive high tempo performance from the start and see what happens. Its also great to see the manager so animated on the line. He's one of us already.
So come on blues into these southern softies and knock the smirk off the mug of that herr klopp wannabe.


Player Valuation: £40m
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Tight game 2-2.
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