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Player Valuation: £70m

The journey from Goodison on Saturday evening, like the last six after Premier League games, was on the back of a victory and it was put to him that his thoughts would have been lighter, happier.

“No,” he said. “What hurts is thinking about where we could have been.

We sold a player [Joleon Lescott] right on deadline. We tried to bring in people that maybe we didn’t want to have. We had injuries and thought they would be back in September. As you well know, they were not back until the new year.


Robert Jarvis

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But upfront the injuries have really hurt us. I wish to heavens we had a striker, dare I say like "Ladyboy" Torres. He has pace, and undoubted scoring ability.


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He is quality, but i see from his actions at the weekend he is being infected with the "i have to act the pr**k" syndrome that infects all their players.

TX Bill

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I don't think he meant the players themselves but possibly the positions.

I don't ever see Moyes being a manager that would call out any of his players in public. He's always been a "behind closed doors" kind of manager which I think his players appreciate.


Player Valuation: £70m
Intresting stuff in the post this morning:

“The continuity is why the club is where we are now, the club has kept the manager, the manager has got the players understanding what is required.

“We have good characters here. We have tried to add the one or two every years and some drop off at the bottom.

“If other teams spend lots of money then it will be very hard for us. I’m just looking to try and get our squad stronger and keep the players we have got.

“We have been planning for a long time. The job of a manager never stops just because on Sunday the season ends.

“I will go and sit on a beach for a week or two and try and do nothing but then it will be back to work.

“We’re all quite optimistic about what we have as a team and we will see if we can be one of the underdogs and come from behind as we have done in several other seasons.

“Sometimes clubs sign players and it makes you a bit deflated, but you have to find a different way of competing.

“We lost Joleon (Lescott) with a week to go and brought three players in during the last week with that money,” says the Goodison manager. “We had to integrate them quickly, notwithstanding Jags, Mikel, Yak and Victor not being fit for the start of the season.

“The changes we made last year were very late and we only brought Fellaini and Saha last season really.

“I don’t need to sell before I buy. I’m not madly saying we need to buy. Sure, I’ll try and get some players in and that’ll be at the lower end of the market to get those players in.

“I’d like to get a top striker in, but how much do they cost? That would be the problem.

“People will be interested in our players and they should be, they are good players. I have no problem with that at all.

“That’s part of what we do here. We bring players in, we work with them, we try to give them opportunities and now maybe it’s a case of us looking for them to give us a little bit back.

“That’s why we were disappointed with Joleon. We didn’t think it was his time to get up and leave Everton.”

“The signings have come very late and I don’t think that will change this summer.”

“That’s what you do as a manager. And I think we have, there are a lot of clubs around us who would say we have a good group of players.”

And when asked for his opinion on the season, he says: “Mixed is the obvious answer. It was not a good start but a good ending, so it’s been okay.

“We were against a group of good teams who had spent heavily to finish above us after we had finished fifth the previous two seasons, and it was always going to be hard with the injuries we had.

“The players have played really well but I look at those last 10 games and there have been some draws which didn’t help. We got a goal in the last minute against Fulham and Blackburn but we also lost late goals against the likes of Aston Villa.

“Overall we will be pretty disappointed to finish eighth but if you look at all the predictions before the season we finished where most people put us.”

Of Portsmouth’s campaign, Moyes adds: “Portsmouth have done terrific getting to the Cup final with the problems they have got and it’s credit to Avram Grant and his team who have been able to keep it all together.

“It’s a tough game and their players have got a Cup final to look forward to. My players have not got that.

“It’s hard for any club who have got £138m debt and it really shouldn’t have been allowed to get to that situation.”


Player Valuation: £70m
Different tune here:

"I’ve got a real belief that we have got a good team and I’ll be saying to the board, 'Come on, can you give me a little bit to take this team higher'," he said.
"Results prove since November that if Everton get it right we can come out of the woodwork and shock a few people. But to guarantee doing that consistently we need to make one or two additions.

"If we don’t, we need to look and see if there’s another way of getting there. We’ve never really had the money. I think we’ve spent £5million net a year for eight years.

"There are one or two players who are getting older but I still think the main group are a good age - Arteta, Jagielka, Pienaar, Baines are all mid-20s. The likes of Phil Neville and Tim Cahill are round about 30 so we don’t have loads of 'old' players. But we do need to keep young ones coming in.

"It’s harder to do so, especially when your expectations are high."


Player Valuation: £70m
And we need some wonga:

David Moyes wants to see buyers eyeing up Everton instead of Liverpool.

Speaking ahead of today's clash with Portsmouth, the last game of the 09/10 season for the Toffees, Moyes spoke of his desire to see Everton taken over ahead of fierce rivals Liverpool in the near future.

“I am hoping that someone will come in with money. Bill is actively looking for help on the financial side. I hope that it is just around the corner,” he said.

"I think Everton is a better proposition. We don’t have the debt that Liverpool have.

"They have got a really big brand, but anyone looking at Everton will see it’s a stable football club. We have some debt, but not as much as most.

“If you look at the Premier League table, the positions would be close to matching what clubs have spent on wages – except for us. We would be 10th, 11th, 12th in the wages league, so any investor would see a club which has done its best without massive money.

“I think we are an attraction for a buyer.”

Moyes was also adamant that no player would be sold behind his back, as rumours surrounding Jack Rodwell and Steven Pienaar have begun to gather pace.

“If the board sold him (Rodwell) without my permission then things would change, but I don’t think they would because they come through me for the decisions,” he added.

“I have got a real belief in this team. I don’t think anyone would disagree that Everton can always come out of the woodwork and shake one or two teams. We have rarely had money. We have roughly spent £5million net a year for eight years.

“The summer is always the worst time for me. You see other clubs spending and getting stronger. We have to get over that and say to ourselves, ‘let’s show them’ and get our sleeves rolled up."


Player Valuation: £70m
And i rule the roost:

Everton boss David Moyes says he's happy at Goodison Park because of his relationship with chairman Bill Kenwright.
The 47-year-old Scot remains loyal to the Goodison cause because Kenwright gives him control of team affairs.
Moyes said:

“I am loyal to Everton because they have given me the chance to build a football club. I’m not sure how many other managers have been given the chance I’ve had, apart from Sir Alex.

“There was Bobby Robson, who had 13 years at Ipswich and Brian Clough had 12 years at Nottingham Forest.

“It’s no coincidence all those managers had great success, but these are the days when an awful lot of things in football are decided my money.

“If you haven’t got money then you need time – and that’s what Bill Kenwright has given me at Everton. “

Moyes added: “Fergie always preaches that a manager should have control of the football side of the club and I do have that control.

“But I don’t control the finances so it was impossible to keep players like Rooney and Lescott. I know a lot of clubs would like someone like Jack Rodwell. But I don’t think the board would sell him without my permission.”


Think you might need to buy this Jimbob.
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