Sack him or not

Simple question.

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Player Valuation: £70m
Last time we panicked we got Gravy Tits and he spent £50 million on Tosun and Walcott.

How is it panic to sack a manager with the worst run of form in 22 years. A manager who is totally inept and the most unpopular manager in the club's history?

How is that panic?

Surely panic would be to continue to back him and end up cut adrift at the bottom. Then there would be real panic....


Super Frank hates the FAT KOPITE
Benitez is here. He's here and has more shots to turn this.

You need to focus on that.

There will be no sacking today and only a defeat against Arsenal will see him out.

He has a puncher's chance to turn this fight around.

Let's all get behind the team and get some points on the board.
Good deflection, almost Benitez-like

And you’ve changed your tune, 2 weeks ago he was here for 3 years, now it’s one game.

You sat back and actively enjoyed that hammering last night, no right minded Evertonian would accept that from any manager

Utter disgraceful

Stan Lee Park

Player Valuation: £15m
No matter. He's here and will remain here until either

A/ he turns it around
B/ they find a replacement

On we go and face Arsenal now. THAT is what we all have to focus on.
Another ridiculous post. If we take option A it could well be that he "turns it round" when we are a mid-table team.
In the Championship.

Kev The Rat

Player Valuation: £70m
On the one hand, I can see the hand that Benitez has been dealt here isn't a great one. Financial restrictions, injuries, a woeful squad and a significant proportion of the fanbase against him from day one.

On the other hand, we are in the midst of our worst run of form for 22 years, so it's absolutely fair to say that Silva and even Koeman got sacked for less.

I suspect we won't sack him before Arsenal, but that game becomes a must win. Or at least a must not lose and then the following Palace game becomes a must win.

Essentially we need a minimum of 4 points from the next 2 games I would say or he'll be gone. He can't afford another defeat.

All so predictable though. We'll be back in this discussion in the next 18 months because Benitez is merely a symptom of the problem. Until we address the underlying root causes of what has allowed us to end up with a squad like the one we have, why we have FFP problems and why a manager like Benitez was appointed, we'll stay in this loop
24 months is the average tenure for a premier league manager - and once you take out long termers like Klopp and Guardiola it becomes even shorter.

So 18 months isn’t miles off par for the course


Player Valuation: £25m
Sack him, don't sack him. Who cares? Barely anyone wanted him, barely anyone deep down thinks he's the right man to take us forward, but it'll make negligible difference until the underlying issues are addressed. It won't make any difference who follows him as there is no platform here to succeed as things stand. But sack him if it helps lighten the mood ever so slightly, he could barely complain given our form.


Player Valuation: £10m
Much as I've fallen out of love with the game in general - I think it was the whole attempted super league breakaway that finally did it - I don't see that sacking Benitez now achieves much. Who steps in who is better? Who is going to get our injured players back quicker?

I'm really tired of the constant let downs that our club foist on us. At least I'm old enough to remember our successes of the 80's and 90's, I feel genuinely sorry for our younger supporters who have had nothing to cheer about and have little hope of seeing anything remotely regarding success for the foreseeable future.


Staff member

How many new poll threads do we need?

Poll one, poll two, poll three, poll four, poll five, poll six...

It just gets very repetitive. It's the same discussion as the one in the manager thread. Please carry any discussion here, with the multi quote feature over in that thread.

When it's less emotive, I'll add a poll In or Out with the option to change vote in the manager thread in an effort to prevent the need to poll constantly.

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