Sack him or not

Simple question.

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Player Valuation: £70m
I cannot see anyone barring Big Dunc taking on Everton.............No money to spend and inherit a poor poor squad. Not very enticing


Player Valuation: £40m
There are a plethora of managers who would take the role on, 6 million a year, sure that has some pulling power

Don't think we can use that as an excuse, I have tried to give Fat Man time but......nah, this is worse than Silva and Koeman in their final weeks before the axe

We need to act now so when the run of games is a little kinder we have also new manager honeymoon period, hopefully we can get another 20 points to see us safe.

Just an FYI the redshite have scored 43 so far this season in the league, we have scored 17, can you see us scoring again if Rondon continues up front

Presently I can only see the odd draw here an there if we keep as is?
Please list this plethora.


Player Valuation: £8m
The injuries are bad, it's not easy to work around the loss of key players. The board is a shambles and the recruitment prior to his arrival is awful.

He should go though. It will hurt financially and God knows who replaces him but he is considered a tactical genius, he has his pals in press that back up this idea, yet all his tactical acumen has got us is, sit behind the ball and hope for a counter. Our possession of the ball is laughable, we aren't having a go, even against teams we should expect to pick up 3 points at. Our defence is suspect, looks worse that under Carlo.

Rondon has proven to be a naisse level mistake. He has zero confidence, zero fitness, zero composure. Iwobi looks like his feet aren't connected to his brain. Why persist with these players when Our run continues to worsen and they are doing nothing. The kids don't have the right mentality or whatever other excuse he wants to use its pathetic.

Might as well raffle off two places on the pitch to the fans in attendance.

This isn't management.


Player Valuation: £10m
I would sack him, he was the wrong choice from the start.

The injuries have been terrible and unlucky, but you can still be competitive against the likes of Wolves, Brentford, Villa and Watford even with injuries.

We lost them all, conceding 11 goals….sack.

Billy Dean

Player Valuation: £70m
Sack the following:

Give it Duncan till season's end and rebuild in the Championship under a new regime next season.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
like who ?

Very fair question - I think there's a number of excellent managers in the Championship in a similar vein to Moyes, with Mark Robins of Coventry being the standout.

I think Dyche would be an unpopular but effective appointment; the football wouldnt be the prettiest, but we do actually have a squad well set up to play that way (which is why Ancelotti set us up in a 442). He'd also happily come here to get away from the limitations at Burnley, who he keeps up with minimal investment each year

Looking abroad I think Lucien Favre is a popular one amongst most for improving Gladbach in the past, but I worry about his ability to coach a dismal defence. Diego Martinez did an excellent job with Granada, getting them into the Europa League quarters. If we were really ambitious, Ernesto Valverde is still a good manager and appears to be the type sold on interesting projects rather than big clubs.

The caveat to all this is that Everton would look down their nose at Dyche and Robins, judging from reports don't like Favre, and I don't see them going for Valverde or Martinez. But the options are still out there in comparison!


Player Valuation: £25k
It's inevitable he gets sacked it's just a matter of how bad the situation gets before it happens.

I worry what kind of lunatic would look at this club and the board and think 'yeah I'd like to work with them' though. Any manager worth their salt surely has more offers on the table than just us, at that point the only thing drawing them to us would be the fact that there's a good chance of getting a multi-million pound payoff within 6 months and then landing a cushy international job.


Player Valuation: £50m
It isn't ideal to be fair but I think for everyone's sake, he should go. Never known the fans to be at each other and the players before as bad as this and it's awful watching and reading.

WA Toffee

Player Valuation: £50m
No. He wasn't high up my list of preferred managers, but any manager deserves at least 18 months to put his stamp on the club.

The fact we are even talking about sacking a manager after a dozen games is quite frankly embarrassing
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