2021/22 Richarlison


Player Valuation: £20m
Poor fella is wasting his career at Everton. He deserves a chance somewhere else because he’s got the talent. You can see how disheartened he is.
I'm hoping we can help him fulfill his potential by soon accepting a bid in excess of what we paid for him, because he will be the necessary sale to fund the essential rebuild that needs to happen pronto.

That's the position we are now in thanks to Brands. I don't particularly rate Richarlison - but I sure as hell hope some big clubs do because he is one of our few saleable assets and we are going to have to cash in.


Player Valuation: £70m
Need him to sign a new deal.
Nah, sell. We need the money more and we have one year or maybe two to get it before teams are going to decide he's average and too old to develop. That is if they haven't already.

Think about it, we could probably get 25m to 30m and with good recruitment (yes I know massive if) we could improve him with someone with room to grow for half or less. Gray is already showing to be a better winger at 1.7m. We need to build the squad out and we need to make financial decisions to do that.


Player Valuation: £50m
People are acting like we are the most skint club in the league, and that we’d HAVE to sell our better players like Richarlison for us to have any chance of signing new players, just like in the Kenwright days.

It’s nonsense, and we’re just going to end up even worse if we end up selling Richarlison and replacing him with a downgrade.

If FFP can magically be resolved by the sale of Richarlison, then it can magically be resolved through sponsoring Goodison or some other sponsorship. One involves making a crap squad even crapper, and the other wouldn’t.

Neither would be required in reality because FFP is a load of BS.

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