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Lol at 9 points since September. Newcastle, who were deemed a 'lost cause' just two months ago, have got about double that since start of February. Kin embarrassing state of this club.


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Starting 11 for the first game of next season...

Begovic - Sorry, gone the in summer: Tyrer



Everyone else has been sold or flogged for nothing.
Or scuttled away hanging their heads in shame.
We just need a team that appreciates the support we give them.


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I tell you what though.

7 England internationals
3 Premier league winners
2 Brazilian internationals
3 ex Barca players.

This squad should be fecking ashamed of themselves.
That’s the issue though (and has been since investment).

It isn’t about the names, but about cohesion and teamwork. We have a group of players who aren’t interesting in playing their roles for the team.

Wolves played for each other last night, their link up was great (under no pressure from us, mind). We were 11 dysfunctional individuals and it showed.

roy vernon

Player Valuation: £35m
I've thought that t we were in a world of trouble since the Watford game. The last two games have convinced me that we are going down. These players have even less stomach for I fight than I thought, any bit of confidence they had was sucked out of them during Benitez' tenure and they now have a look of the walking dead.

I have read people saying we just have to pick up more points than the teams below us, well here's a bit of news, Burnley will pick up more points than us, we are absolutely spineless.

I can remember Liverpool being in the old second division, when I was a boy, but, I have never Seen Everton anywhere bar the top division, they were in division two when I was born but by the time I took an interest in the early 60's we were in the top flight. I have never, in all my years as a blue, been truly convinced we would go down, even though we went far too close on a couple of occasions. This is different though, there is no will to win this current team, just watch their body language on the pitch, they have given up.

I sincerely hope that in a few weeks time, a load of you will be vaulting me for this post and laughing at how wrong I was. Unfortunately I don't believe this will be the case.


Formerly known as By God I'm Blue
9 points since September and after that performance yesterday absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel.

Needs a big moment, something to turn it around but hard to see where that is coming from.

Totally impotent as an attacking unit. Gordon looks lively but there’s very little end product. Gray looked off the pace after his injury and Richarlison just huffed and puffed.

The defence is what it is, a championship back 4.

Can’t honestly see a way out of this, time to start accepting our fate which is deserved because the club has been run very badly.


Player Valuation: £35m
Oh my god, we’re not getting rid of Rondon if he we go down. 3 year contract at 32, £50k a week. He’ll be our main striker while financially crippling us

Jesus Christ

He might play for us in the championship or will we have the worst striker in the championship. Omg it's so scary


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It's the inability of the teams below us to put together wins that'll be our saving grace.

After playing Liverpool, Watford have Leeds and Brentford at home. That's crunch time for them and us. If they get 6 points from those 2 games we will be right on the back foot.
All ifs and buts, but ultimately if we don’t get points we will go down, Frank seems to be running out of ideas which is a bit worrying, also we aren’t scoring and not defending great, all that spells disaster, but one thing might click and we go on a run I can’t see it, but stranger things have happened in football.


Player Valuation: £40m
Personally, I think we are doomed.
Our cup run has allowed us to accumulate 4 games in hand, which means after the international break we are likely to be playing 9 league games in 30 days in the final month of the season.
This lot will never cope with that
Tbh that could be what they need, games coming quick and fast Frank will need to use his squad and just by having to change something might just help us. We must cling on to some hope.

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