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Dad watched Dixie

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Yeah, I bet they thought they were almost out of it after yesterday but we just pulled them right back in
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If we beat Leicester that'll be the game changer at the bottom of the table.

That'll be like rocket fuel for us.
Entirely agree. Two successive wins when these fixtures were starting to look like a funeral procession. Have to turn up and earn it but if so then that turnaround is absolutely massive.


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Thought that too. Psychologically it's a challenge for them if they suffer a blow. It's been all plaudits and clapping for Jackson. Have to give them credit but unless the man is some form of second coming they aren't just going to roll up and win every week.

Us winning today add massive pressure to them again and Villa is no easy game

Mr Happy

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Burnely are playing villa that needs points on the board to be completely safe...wouldn't be a good look either on Gerrard for burnely to finish above them...

Its a lottery now mate. Need to concentrate on ourselves rather than needlessly worry about others. My wavering faith was slightly restored today but still a rocky few weeks ahead. Not sure the ticker can take much more of that!
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