Rekindled my passion for our club.

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Good stuff.

I think Ferguson needs to take something (even a point) against united and then has to win against leicester to get us into the semis.

Do that and he could get the role till end of the season or be number 2 to Ancelotti or someone who has the experience and pulling power for players.
I hope he does, even if we lose the game watching him on the sidelines at the weekend has shown his passion. I'd hate to see him leave the club when a new manager arrives. As an assistant he would be great, weird how he has been around so many managerial setups but only last weekend have I seen that amount of passion from him. Just great to see and hopefully whoever ends up in charge can replicate this.

Tennessee Blue Mike

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Favorite of my Grandad's was Ted Sagar the stories he told were compelling to be a Evertonian. Great long term servant of the team long before I was born.
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