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You`ve been waiting for our first defeat same as them, but just for a different reason.

Yours being, so you can get the ball rolling with your new mantra, of anyone who doesn`t support the manager, doesn`t support the club.

You`ve been rubbing your hands together, waiting for this lol
Big Sam threads make interesting reading if that is the judgement after similar timeline of two and a half months as manager ;)


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James is available you 'kin stubin mongy bellend
I have refrained from getting too involved in this "James" business but I feel must respond to this remark. To say James is available means you must have inside knowledge of the physical fitness and mental attitude of all the players. Becausde of that insight you are able to call a contributor to this forum a "stubin mongy bellend" I will take your point of view seriously when you tell me and the rest of this forum exactly what your official position is within the Everton Fooball Club staff and what that position involves in relation to any players availabilty.


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Every club has a squad built over different managers. The life span of a Prem manager averages 2.5 years so thats no surprise.
His failure is not addressing the problem having been in for over 2 months.
He’s spent £1.7m FFS!! How anybody can blame the manager for that is beyond me. There’s one man to blame for this and that the DOF. His failure to address major weaknesses in the squad this summer (same can be said for his previous 3) is absolutely criminal.

I’m no Benitez fan but will get behind the team and I’ve enjoyed how we’ve been playing this season, today aside. I don’t agree with him freezing out James (if fit) but aside from that you can’t point the finger at him today. A few injuries and this squad is relegation fodder as proved today. The DOF is responsible for the state of the squad, not a manager who’s been here 5 minutes.


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His team was probably the one most would have gone for given what was available. However his game management was shocking. Why even have Simms on the bench if you aren't going to use him. Bringing Davies and Kenny on at 3 down was baffling to me. Given how unwanted he was another couple of poor performances and the pressure will be cranked right up like it was for Allardyce after we got destroyed by Arsenal. Needs to beat both QPR and Norwich for me as they are of a level that even our patched up team can beat.


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I thought the Gomes sub handed every ounce of the initiative over to Villa and they capitalised. It was a sub to get a point and it back fired spectacularly.

But I'm equally not going to ignore the fact that the squad is not good enough and no manager can achieve anything with this frightening lack of depth we have. One or 2 injuries and we have nothing. Our full back depth is appalling and when our 2 strikers are out, we have no threat. The DOF is to blame.

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