Predictions for the forthcoming season ?

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Player Valuation: £70m
Assuming the incomings are as good as last summer (and one is a striker)

League: 4th
FA Cup: Semi final
League Cup: Depends on whether we take it seriously or not
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Top six isn’t realistic.

If you base your expectations on Leicester winning the league, therefore literally anything is possible, then these top six shouts make sense.

But realistically, even if we signed Icardi and Alderweireld, we’d still not have anywhere near the quality to challenge the top six.

United, Spurs and Arsenal were underpar last season. They won’t be that poor again. Chelsea may suffer with no Hazard and no transfers incoming but they’ll still comfortably finish top six. The top 2 will be the top 2 again.

My aim this season is the same as what it was for last season. The target we all pretty much unanimously agreed on as the >bare minimum< for Silva.

Be the “best of the rest”, 7th and a run in the cups. Anything less is abject failure. If there are no further incomings in the next 2 weeks, that’s precisely the forecast i’m afraid.


Player Valuation: £70m
In no particular order; OTT optimism and euphoria, fume, kneejerk requests for a taxi.
After a few games some blert...yes you, you know who you are; will post a thread on the next 10 games claiming we'll get 28 pts from 30...or we'll be lucky to get 10.
Random gifs of 'calm down, calm down' or 'we're all doooomed' will appear

Edit; I will reply with my usual...'one game at a time ladies' - all to no avail.
Edit 2: some one, no names no pack drill, will mention 72pts


Player Valuation: £70m
Just looked at the BBC site at the fixture lists, and noticed all the Europa League fixtures.
Cant even say how happy I am were not stuck in that!!
Not open for further replies.

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