Predictions for the forthcoming season ?

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I think leicester and wolves will improve, Watford and west ham will be our rivals for 8/9/10


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Good old Brian mc bride on Everton. Mad how you see players from your childhood you have so much more respect for them. Compared to the players your age or younger.


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I think we will struggle.


I do not have faith in the schizophrenic Everton that have proved me right for almost 40 years.


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We get knocked out of the league cup early, we challenge for a top four finish all season only to finish fifth in the league, We reach the finals of the FA cup only to lose on penalties. and before season ends we have everything in place to break ground at Bramley Moore Docks.


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5th, Arsenal and Manure in turmoil, Chelsea will galvanise. Wolves will struggle with too many games, Leicester will ship too many goals, West Ham are West Ham.
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