Of interest?Title winning day pre match 1985.

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I was in the paddock that day and had a great view of sharps header. My biggest memory of the celebration was looking up and seeing a fellas of about 60 popping open a bottle of champagne in the front row of the upper bullens.
That team fought for each other like they're lives depended on it


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About 10 of us had been coming down from the North East for every home game that season. What youngsters might not realise is that we didn’t sell out in those days so we had got used to just paying at the turnstile in the Gwladys Street. Not being daft, nine of realised that this game was different and got to the queue about 12.00. One idiot decided he could still go to the pub and turn up at five to three.

he spent the game sat on the back step of the minibus in the Priory Road car park listening on a transistor radio, and crying

The tit
Exactly this, I got to the St End around 1240 and queue was already massive, me and a mate legged it down Bullens and got into the Park End about 140.
Whole place was absolutely heaving


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I remember that day so well. I was a 13 at the time. I remember waiting in line to get into the Lower Glwadys decked out in my bobble hat, Nike Jacket and new silver Hi-Tech trainees. It was heaving outside, and this police horse came up along side of me and stood on my foot. It didn't hurt but I could not move my foot. Eventually after me roaring at the copper, he moved. I looked down at my foot and my new trainees had a huge rip. Spent the rest of the day with my toes sticking out of one foot, but I didn't care :D

Sharpies volley

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In the enclosure as always in those days. Strangely can't remember a great deal about it like I can the Bayern game. I must have been bevvied or in such a trance cause it didn't seem real.


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We were a brilliant side, Bracewell was the coolest player I ever saw,
I was in the paddock by the dug out, great times
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