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Next ex-Everton manager

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I'd be lying if I said I'm excited by Nuno, but two consecutive 7th place finishes is more than Everton have been able to cobble together. I just hope it isn't a continuation of Carlo's super pragmatic defensive pass back to the keeper style. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and back him for the first season before I take a solid stance on good enough or not.


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Our last 6 managers are the man SAF picked to succeed him at Manchester United, manager of the current best ranked international side in the world, current Barcelona manager, former England manager, Greek league winner (that’s a slightly lesser accomplishment) and finally the current Real Madrid manager.

And in all their time at the club we’ve basically be thoroughly crap and won nothing while each one has left us and basically gone on to bigger success other than Silva who’ll no doubt probably land at Porto, Benfica or Sporting and regularly play in the CL soon enough.

Life’s not fair as an Everton fan.
“Former England manager” :-D

Charles Hawtrey

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He is the Meh choice. Regularly appeared at the top of the worst 5 choices but never made it to the Top 5 good choices. He'll keep us ticking over in-between 8th and 12th until he gets sacked. He plays the same style as Carlo bored us with last season. He looked like a broken man when Wolves came to Goodison at the end of last season. Don't his family still live in Portugal and he misses them? thought that was part of his breakdown with Wolves?


deconstructed rep
Wolves seemed very satisfied with his 4 years there. "In four seasons at Molineux, Nuno has led Wolves to the Premier League as EFL Championship champions and recorded back-to-back seventh placed finishes in the top-flight".
I will take 7th for the next two seasons.
Everton are the next Wolves...yaaaaay.


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On the fence with him coming in do hope it was a board decision i would have went with galtier or farve. But will back him will have to adapt as is more pressure here. Ther is something to build here got wolves at a decent level but must show he can progress. Surprised that ther is such a negative response would it been the same if was moyes howe potter?
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