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New Everton Crest

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    Votes: 25 5.1%
  • I Hate It - Everton please reinstate the previous crest

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Hi All,

No comments with regards to the new Everton Crest in this thread, comments can be made here and here.

The purpose of this thread is to act as a poll to gauge overall sentiment, and a petition to join the existing one

Please scroll up above and cast your vote.

Everton's New Crest
'I Like It'
'I Hate It - Everton please reinstate the previous crest'

Can't we have a "I don't like it, can't you come up with a better design for those of us who were not favorites of the previous badge" option.

Something simple like the 80's badge is all I want.

The fans should refuse to buy merchandise with the new crest on. In that way the club may rethink this ridiculous idea.

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson is getting involved now on Twitter. He hates it.

Joe Anderson ‏@joeforliverpool 58m
“@NoToNewEFCBadge: @grandoldteam RT to spread awareness please lads.”
NSNO is our motto+this badge is certainly not good enough

Joe Anderson ‏@joeforliverpool 46m
@Everton don't ignore what fans are saying listen to what is being said and act now. The fact is it is very poor not NSNO #notforme

Joe Anderson ‏@joeforliverpool 41m
@Everton listen to the fans please. Badge design poor no NSNO absolutely out of touch, act now this will not become popular major mistake.

Usually the likes of the mayor don't get involved in stuff like this. This is serious this. Expect Everton to become incredibly defensive in the next few days/weeks ahead. And I don't mean by making Stubbs/Weir the manager!
Biggar: "It delivers on all levels"??? The only thing it delivers is a punch in the stomach on all Everton fans out there. It's horrible! I for one won't buy anything with this badge on it. I sincerly hope they have mistaken the dates and this is just a very bad april fools joke.

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